Chill Out With The Chamber’s New Member

Summer may be winding down, but it’s never too late to cool off with new member Wow! Frozen Yogurt.

This isn’t your typical froyo joint — it’s on wheels. Refrigeration units built into the bus ensure the six flavors of yogurt and over 20 different toppings stay chilled and frozen. And because this sweet treat is yogurt, your waistline will thank you as you cool off. The average cup of vanilla ice cream has about 15 grams of fat in it, but vanilla froyo has about six grams of fat.

“Our product is amazing. We like to keep it simple,” Brandon Pleiman, VP of Wow! Mobile Frozen Yogurt, said.

That amazing product is how the froyo truck got its name. Wow! Mobile Frozen Yogurt currently carries watermelon sorbet, strawberry cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookie, triple chocolate and classic vanilla. Not only is the yogurt tasty, the toppings are from local grocers every time, guaranteed.

“Our business is unique because we are a rare form of food truck. You just don’t see our type of food truck rolling around,” Pleiman said.

You can find the “Yo-Mobile,” almost as famous as the “Bat-mobile,” in Lakewood, Thornton, Green Valley Ranch, Castle Rock, and all the areas in between, at events or just around town.

“Food trucks are awesome, and a frozen yogurt truck is even more awesome. It’s always fun meeting new people and supporting different events,” Pleiman said.

Community is a core value for the team at Wow! Mobile Frozen Yogurt, and they joined the Chamber to grow with the local community and to be more connected. Their main mission is to build a better community — it’s on their website and within their product.

“One of the strongest forces is when the community gathers together and grows as a people. As a society, we have been moving in a direction where solitude and isolation are intensifying. We desire to be a force of friendliness in our community. We long to be a family friend of yours. We want to make life more vibrant for you. We just want to see the joy of sweets and souls gathering together for a brief moment. Life is short, we want to step in and bring a breath of fresh air to our community with our product, our people, and our passion.”

Pleiman said he believes the Chamber emulates those same values of community. He is hoping to attend a Chamber event in the near future. For more information on the froyo truck, visit



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Stand Out with Icon Suits

A first impression is made within the first few seconds, and with new member, Icon Suit, men, you can make your first impression unforgettable with a custom, hand-made suit.

“You go into a store, and you always compromise because someone else designed those clothes for you,” Dmitriy Metsaev, Icon Suit Owner and CEO, said. “Here, we’re changing the whole perspective of the fashion business, that you can get whatever you want, at the price you want, with the service you want, with the fabric you want, with the cut you want, with the design options you want.”

The shelves of the Cherry Creek store are sleek, modern and filled with your imagination. With over 3,000 fabrics, from conservative looks with dark blues, greys and blacks to textured and heavily patterned, customers can easily become designers. Icon Suit offers multiple cuts and can make seven billion unique suits—a guarantee you’ll never see another suit like yours. And the quality is sure to impress—all suits are hand-made and made in Italy.

“The way we approach the whole process—it’s totally different,” Metsaev said. “We are not saving money on the quality,”

The type of customization for the price Icon Suit offers is second to none, and beyond the limitless personalization, the service and experience is tailored to the customer. After thorough measurements and conversations about what the customer wants, Metsaev and the staff will help guide him through the design process, making sure the suit is exactly what he envisioned.

“I think that waiting for the suit, choosing your fabric, getting your own standard, getting your own idea on how you should look, it’s really exciting,” Metsaev said.

They offer all the regular cuts—traditional, with a mild heavy shoulder, summer cuts with thin lining, no lining or summer wool or silk, and more.

Currently, Icon Suit is just formal, but they are developing a made-to-measure jeans, ties and shoes program that should roll out in the next few months. Metsaev said the shirts in his store are simply the best for quality. Icon Suit is where craftsmanship meets technology to simplify your life and revolutionize your wardrobe.

“It’s personalization, excitement, it’s revolutionary in the industry and simplicity. You just come over and we’ll walk you through,” Metsaev said.

In about a half an hour, you can have the blueprint for your made-to-order suit, but if it takes you longer to find a perfect match, Metsaev and staff will give all the attention to detail needed to make your perfect suit a reality.

“It’s not only about suits it’s about experience as well,” Metsaev said. “Once you put it on and you feel it is hand-made, you want to show that you have a certain status and you want to show respect for the people around you.”

The Denver location in Cherry Creek opened in March as a pilot store for America. Icon Suit currently has 5 stores—three in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and now, one in Denver. Metsaev said he hopes to expand his stores in US to places like Chicago, LA, Dallas and Miami, and Denver is the perfect place to test a store concept because of the diverse population.

Metsaev and Icon Suit joined the Chamber a few months ago in hopes to meet new friends, attend events and network. Visit their location on Steele Street in Cherry Creek or shop online.

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Welcome New Member Bryn Carter

It’s a seller’s market in Denver right now, and Bryn Carter, new Chamber member and RE/MAX real estate agent, can help you sell or purchase your next home.

“There are many real estate agents in Colorado, we all know this is a happening market,” Carter said. “I’m a very involved agent from the day I start working with a client.”

When she helps a buyer, Carter will bring in ideas for cosmetic changes for the house or help them lay out plans for the garden so they can truly envision themselves in the home. With sellers, she makes the process as smooth and worry-free as possible—even sending them on fun activities when their house is being shown.

Carter has been a freelance writer and just last year pursued her realtors license. Using her writing background, she can help her clients market their product even more.

“I like to think that I have worked for so many different clients that I am able to use different voices for each of my clients. From music, fashion, real estate, marketing, advertising and ghost writing, I offer my clients a variety of ways to help them with their products,” Carter said.

RE/MAX Professionals is a real estate family that works incredibly hard for its clients but also for its real estate agents. Carter said they believe in a work hard but also live hard belief, knowing that part of the reason realtors get into the business is so that they can enjoy their family and friends while pursuing a fulfilling career.

“I’m not sure every real estate agency can find that good balance,” Carter said. “RE/MAX Professionals is like one, big, supportive family. From the managing brokers to the office managers to the owners of the company, you will always find people willing to help you in any way they can.”

Carter joined the Chamber in early May 2017 after meeting with Jeff Allen and Cheri Landin. While she hasn’t been to any events yet, she’s looking forward to growing relationships with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

“I am excited to be part of such an amazing Chamber of wonderful individuals,” Carter said. “I’m looking forward to meeting other members and enjoying events and helping make Glendale even greater than it already is.”

If you are thinking it is time to get into the Denver real estate market, give Carter a call at (303) 815-8272 or email at

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Esters Neighborhood Pub Welcomes the Whole Family, Joins Chamber

Esters Neighborhood Pub just celebrated its two-year anniversary and began its membership in the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of June.

Sullivan has lived in the Virginia Village neighborhood since 2002, and was inspired by his family to open a kid-friendly neighborhood pub. Before opening Esters, Paul Sullivan, owner, sold beer to bars and restaurants, so craft beer was no foreign language to him.

“I was a beer sales guy and I worked for a brewery as well, so I was really into craft beer,” Sullivan said.

Paul Sullivan, Esters Denver, Esters Neighborhood Pub, Virginia Village, Glendale CO, Glendale Chamber of Commerce

His restaurant and pub has 22 beers on draft and cocktails, but what makes his place stand out from the rest is the oven. Pizzas, salads, sandwiches and small appetizers are made in the oven. There is no deep fryer or freezer in the restaurant.

“we make everything fresh—all of our dough, our sauce, our salad dressings, everything we make by hand every single morning. So even though our food is not fancy by any means in my opinion, it’s just authentic. It’s all made from scratch,” Sullivan said.

So even the chicken and waffles they serve for brunch on Sundays are made in the pizza oven. It gives the flavor and atmosphere of a laid-back home-cooked meal away from the craziness of a busy household. With its modern and clean décor, Esters is definitely a place to enjoy a warm summer evening, brunch on Saturdays and Sundays with a full bloody Mary bar, watch a game with the family or even just catch up with old and new friends. Esters also has great weekly specials—kids eat free on Tuesdays and bottles of wine are half priced on Wednesdays.

Paul Sullivan, Esters Denver, Esters Neighborhood Pub, Virginia Village, Glendale CO, Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Esters Neighborhood Pub has won many awards in its first two years, including best sports bar for watching games, best brunch in Denver and one of Denver’s top ten pizza joints in 2016.

Sullivan joined the Chamber after meeting members and wanting to get more involved in his surrounding community. He’s served as the Secretary for the Virginia Village Neighborhood association for four years.

“I believe that doing business in a community is important to help our community grow and help everyone out. So I think it’s good to be part of organizations and Chambers that help with that,” Sullivan said.

Paul Sullivan, Esters Denver, Esters Neighborhood Pub, Virginia Village, Glendale CO, Glendale Chamber of Commerce

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Peepers Optical Joins Chamber

Peepers Optical has been a local mainstay since the late 80s. Long time locals may remember the big purple building on Colorado Boulevard and Bayaud. Now, they’ve rejoined the Chamber in hopes to build relationships through authenticity.

Jeanine C. McCleery, Peeper Optical co-owner, said along with great customer service, her independently owned optical store prides themselves on exceptional eye care.

Peepers Optical, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver“Many individuals actually get anxious when shopping for new glasses,” McCleery said. “We provide such a warm and welcoming environment and we personally shop with and style all of our patients.  Sometimes everyone in the store “votes” on their favorite pair when someone cannot decide between 2 frames.  That’s when it really gets fun.”

McCleery said the environment is so warm and welcoming at her store that she equated it to the TV show Cheers. Patients come to get their eyes checked, glasses adjusted, tweaked and cleaned on a very regular basis—some coming for over 25 years. She suggests getting an annual health check for eyes, regardless of glasses or contacts usage.

“Take care of your eyes,” McCleery said. “They are the only pair you get.  We use our eyes in such a different way than we did 10 years ago.”

With new technology we use our eyes to stare at, comes a new need in eye care. McCleery calls the new technology in digital lenses “amazing.” Many of their patients benefit from a computer pair of lenses or a blue blocking lenses, even if they don’t need a typical pair of glasses.

Peepers Optical, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce DenverAside from technology, Denver has its own set of eye-harming issues, the sunny days.

“Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine, so when you live in such a sunny state like ours, you have a higher chance of developing cataracts,” McCleery said. “It is really important to have a good pair of sunglasses.”

Peepers Optical offers small business owners a discount plan that they can use themselves and offer to their employees at no charge.  They also do free adjustments and repairs on glasses, even on ones not purchased at Peepers Optical.

Peepers Optical, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce DenverPeepers Optical rejoined the Chamber in March. McCleery said she loves to network with individuals and businesses that are geographically close to her store.  After attending the Business After Hours at the Bull and Bush, she said she met several interesting people and began to build relationships through authenticity and laughs.

“That’s what I hope to get out of my membership,” McCleery said.

She is also interested in getting involved with charitable organizations and fundraisers the Chamber works with.

For more information, visit Peepers Optical at 5075 Leetsdale Drive or visit their website.

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New Member Ted Gonzalez Helps Finance More Than Homes

Ted Gonzalez, Land Home Financial Loan Officer, joined the Chamber in March 2017 after being a Glendale resident for seven years.

“It makes natural sense that I get to know and become involved with what’s going on in my back yard –literally,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a way to help spread some awareness of my service and our business, that’s located in Glendale as well. On top of that, it’s helped me to meet more key people and like-minded personalities.”

Land Home Financial is a community lender, and Glendale is a natural fit for so many of the apartment complex residents who will have interest in becoming homeowners someday. Gonzalez and Land Home Financial pride themselves on being community lenders. Their goal is to help find the best avenues of providing homeownership and doing what’s best in the client’s interests -not theirs.

Ted Gonzales, Land Home Financial, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver“Ultimately, our philosophy is not just focused on how much our company is earning, it’s about the task at hand, and what we’ve done for our clients that matters,” Gonzalez said. “We service our loans as well, so our relationship with the client doesn’t end at closing, like most lenders.  Without these practices, we wouldn’t have been in business since 1986, as we rely on word of mouth to continue our mission.”

Gonzalez said he enjoys the opportunity to help people achieve that dream of being able to buy that first property and being a part of someone’s journey who’s going after their “dream home.” Regardless of the constant changes and revolving regulations and market changes, Gonzalez truly loves his line of work and the challenges that come with it. For him, the end result is the best part.

“I love it when I get my Client’s “approved” email from our underwriter. I will never get tired of that,” Gonzalez said.

His unique level of personal service sets him apart from other lenders and loan officers.

“My attitude begins with being willing to take as much time needed for my client’s unique and particular situations. Some folks need a lot of coaching, advice and patience. While others need very little hand-holding,” Gonzalez said.

Aside from providing a full range of mortgage financing options, with optional down payment assistance programs, Land Home Financial also has a Builders Division for medium-larger scale sub-division development projects and a commercial lending department that does the full gamut from small business loans, to large scale commercial projects of different types.

“I’m very proud to represent a company with this much diversity and capability,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is exploring ways to help the community outside of loans and get involved in a charitable cause. He said he has liked the small-town feel and sense of comradery of the Glendale Chamber and has found an interesting diversity among the people and backgrounds. Since joining, he has attended a number of events including a Business Before Business Workshop and After Hours at the Bull and Bush and Cherry Creek Athletic Club.

“I’ve always managed to get into some interesting and in depth conversations with people at these gatherings,” Gonzalez said. “I’ve had some other amazing conversations with people who tend to open up and really share some insight about themselves – which I love when people do that.”


For more information, visit or email Gonzalez at

Ted Gonzales, Land Home Financial, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

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Venue 221 Joins Chamber

Venue 221 is Cherry Creek’s newest and hottest events venue, and it’s the Glendale Chamber’s new member.

Join Venue 221 for their grand-opening on June 20th from 11am-4pm. Cocktails and Canapés will be served.

Cindy and Thomas Wynne, a mother-son duo saw the need for a space the community could come together for corporate events, children’s theater, weddings, art showing and more in the Cherry Creek area.

Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

Being from Oklahoma, Cindy describes herself as someone who naturally wants to put on an apron and offer fresh, warm cookies.

“I feel like when people are in our venue, they are kind of family and we care about their happiness. We care about every moment that they’re in the building,” Cindy said.

When designing the $3 million dollar venue, they thought extensively about what they could provide so that that client wouldn’t have to hire a DJ, lighting, an extra place to stay, and more. The only thing that really needs to be provided is a caterer, but Venue 221 is host to a full catering kitchen. It’s truly an all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art venue. The bar alone is incredibly unique.

Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

“No one had ever really done it the way we were doing it, but everyone said it was possible, but we were the ones that really did it,” Thomas said.

The bar is the first thing that catches your eye in. It’s sleek and modern with unique lights hanging above. It gives off an elegance of its own kind. It has custom evo lighting that can match any color the customer wants. What’s even cooler is the same color can be blasted outside on the evo square lights that make up the façade of the building.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there sits a Utica Town Square, that inspired much of the look of Venue 221.

“It was all mid-century, and my family would go there on very special occasions,” Cindy said.

Photo Credit: From the Hip Photo

Michael Knorr, the architect, went to school in Oklahoma and was familiar with the shopping center Cindy was so inspired by. Everything from the walnut wood coverings down to the pattern of the stones on the fireplace is thought out and resemble mid-century design with modern elegance, but it’s not over stated.

“We spent a lot of time making it unique, interesting, singular, but also enough of a blank space that people can really bring their own ideas to it,” Thomas said. “It’s a lot of fun seeing someone else bring their vision in. It’s the kind of joy I would imagine a canvass maker feels.”

The original building was built during the same time The Cherry Cricket was. When the Wynnes bought the venue, they promised the former owners to keep as much of the building intact as they could.

Photo Credit: From the Hip Photo

“Cherry Creek is really changing and it feels good to have something that’s original. It’s from the 50s that we’ve kind of refurbished and rebuilt and not destroyed and remade,” Thomas said.

Venue 221 joined the Chamber in May 2017. Cindy and Thomas said they are looking forward to conversations and branching out of the Cherry Creek North area. For more information, visit their website.

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New Member VC Interactive Helps Businesses Stand Out

VC Interactive, via digital signage, provides a means to reach your targeted audience, whether visitors or internal personnel, using engaging messaging and visuals that deliver the right information at the right time and place.

VC Interactive captures the attention of viewers on any piece of glass—from tablets to video walls and everything in between.  Impressions can take an active form as one might encounter on an airport concourse, or subtly blend into the décor of a fine jewelry store. Creating a powerful, tailored solution, with versatile content and ease of use sets VC Interactive apart.

Eric Woody is one of the founding partners.Eric Woody, VC Interactive, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

“We evaluate each project, determining a primary and secondary goal and define how our comprehensive visual communications approach will provide both tangible and intangible benefits. While that sounds like sales gobbledygook, it really is a waste of time if we are simply a solution in search of a problem. Not everyone we meet is in need of our services and there is no reason to force feed it where it doesn’t belong,” Woody said.

A childhood friend introduced him to a company and told Woody of the tremendous growth in the visual communications industry. Today, the trend is to communicate visually.

“From retail displays and HD monitors, to educational tools and the web, images are replacing text,” Woody said.

Woody referenced a recent Hewlett Packard white paper that concluded people remember 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read and 80 percent of what they see and do.

“We present a concept to people that causes them to view their business approach in a different light,” Woody said. “The solutions VCi provide clients often reflect the vary influences that have impacted their own buying habits or office life. It’s fun to see the light bulb go on when they realize the subtle effect it has already played in their daily behavior. We demonstrate how that can help in their business.”

Eric Woody, VC Interactive, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

After visiting with VCi it is apparent that employing dynamic visuals is a requirement to reach an audience and generate meaningful results.

“Visual messages surround us every day,” Woody said. “We watch real and fictional stories on television.  We view advertisements in magazines and on billboards and we review charts, graphs and tables in books. We consider photographs that we want to display around our home, and design visual aides to accompany our presentations at work. VCi translates that into a strategy that can be implemented by an organization needing to reach the public or inspire its workforce.”

Woody emphasized the primary benefit of visual communication over verbal is immediacy.

Eric Woody, VC Interactive, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

He said the composition of Glendale’s current businesses and the future 180 Project are a perfect example of how informing and inspiring the public is vital. Woody joined the Chamber in April 2017 because the expansion of Glendale is bringing in more new businesses.

“We felt it was time to bring our services to the community,” Woody said.

After attending a few luncheons and happy hours, Woody said his favorite part about the Chamber so far is the people.

For more information on VC Interactive, visit their website.

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Craig Hospital Foundation Makes Difference for Spinal Cord Patients

The Craig Foundation, along with Craig Hospital are helping patients with spinal cord and brain injuries regain their highest possible level of independence and life quality with cutting-edge technology and resources.

Ranked as a top-ten nationally recognized, independent, not-for-profit hospital, Craig relies on charitable support from the Craig Foundation. The Craig Foundation exists solely to raise support for Craig, it’s programs and patients. Ken Mowad, Director of Philanthropy at the Craig Foundation, said Craig’s mission to advocate for and provide exceptional patient and family centered care, motivates him every day at work.

Ken Mowad, Craig Hospital, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce“Our patients come here because of a catastrophic injury. Even in the most challenging times, they approach their rehabilitation with bravery and enthusiasm. I enjoy hearing their stories and watching as they persevere through their recovery process. The patients are my motivation,” Mowad said.

The Craig Foundation provides more than $1.2 million of direct financial assistance to patients and their families each year through the patient assistance funds. In addition, the Craig Foundation provides nearly half a million dollars each year to support spinal cord and brain injury research.

“Donor support empowers patients and their families to return to home with confidence and the tools they need to thrive,” Mowad said.

Many of Craig’s innovative programs are not reimbursed by insurance companies and rely on donor support, including Operation TBI Freedom, the Nurse Advice Line, Music Therapy and the Craig School Program. OTF is a program of Craig Hospital that provides support for veterans and active duty military personnel with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The program offers case management services including crisis management, mental health referrals, classes, and emergency assistance for food and housing needs. In the past eight years, the program has assisted more than 1,300 service members.

Ken Mowad, Craig Hospital, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce

The award-winning Nurse Advice Line at Craig is the only phone-based care and education resource in that nation that provides free specialized healthcare information to people living with spinal cord and brain injuries, their family members and health care providers. Music therapy is the clinical use of music to facilitate recovery of motor, speech, language and cognitive function and to retrain the brain to learn important life skills. Craig integrates music therapy into its approach to stimulate neurological responses that other therapies may not reach.

For approximately 15 years, the donor-funded Craig School Program has helped high school students with their studies. While at Craig, students work closely with a credentialed teacher to earn school credit and keep up with their classmates back home. Prior to discharge, students and families work with the teacher to create a school transition plan in order to make the return to school as seamless as possible.

“As unpleasant as it is to think about, I’ve learned that any of us could sustain a spinal cord or brain injury and need professional and financial assistance. It’s rewarding to connect generous donors with the people and programs who need the help,” Mowad said.

Ken Mowad, Craig Hospital, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Mowad joined the Chamber in August 2016. He said the Chamber is a great opportunity to support area businesses, to network with new and creative people and highlight what he does with like-minded individuals.

“The Chamber has done a great job communicating events and making me feel very welcome as a new member,” Mowad said.

Mowad has enjoyed attending the Business Before Business Workshops that give members the opportunity to network before work and learn about each other’s businesses. The Business Before Business Workshops occur every third Tuesday at the Egg and I on South Holly. For more information on the Craig Foundation, visit or call 303-789- 8650.

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Executive Talk Moves to the CTN

Chamber Ambassador, Maurice Washington, has taken the next step with his show, Executive Talk.

This year, Washington switched from public access to the Christian Television Network, CTN. His new slot gives his show access to thousands of TVs across the nation by the end of May. CTN is in 12 other states across the US and has been around for more than 15 years.

Maurice Washington, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Executive Talk

“I made the switch because I felt like it was a biblical transition for me,” Washington said. “The station was looking for someone in the business world speaking from a biblical format and the opportunity presented itself at the perfect time.”

His show has always focused on helping individuals in business learn more about a multitude of aspects of different industries. Now on CTN, Washington is adding a biblical perspective to his show.

“To be able to address the business world from a biblical point of view is a deeper direction with my business consulting,” Washington said. “I love exploring the depths of the emotional aspects of business ownership. I know how much the business owner goes through on a daily basis.  It’s not easy and to be able to provide specific answers to these challenges is my passion.”

Not only can you see him on your television screen, Chamber members and friends can attend Monday afternoons from 3:45 – 5:00 pm at the studio: 8081 E Orchard Rd. Greenwood Village, Co 80111.

Executive Talk airs on Facebook Live Mondays from 4:30 – 5:00pm and plays on Thursday’s from 5:00 – 5:30pm and on Saturday from 12:30 – 1:00pm on channel 51 Comcast and channel 55 on DISH Network. For more information and to keep up with the latest on Executive Talk, visit the website and like the Facebook Fanpage.


View a recent episode of Executive Talk:

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