Silva Insurance Agency Handles All Of Your Insurance Needs

John Silva has been in the insurance business for 14 years with 10 years at Farmer’s Insurance and close to four on his own with The Silva Insurance Agency. Silva saw a need for clients to have an advocate who understands the insurance business while being able to shop multiple carriers for the best policy and fairest price.

“Insurance is not a commodity, said Silva. “Everyone’s situation is different. It takes experience to know which carriers might be best for those folks and then go out to shop each of those carriers differently. Insurance is part science and part art. You need somebody with experience.”

That experience has paid off with Silva enjoying a diverse client base. Sixty percent of his business comes from the personal side, such as auto and homeowners, and 40 percent from the commercial side.

One of those commercial clients is Hannah Ulbrich. “John understands insurance in a way that I don’t,” said  Ulbrich, owner of Copper Door Coffee Roasters located in Lowry, and The Yard (900 W. 1st Avenue) in Denver. He makes sure that I am always on track and covered the way I need to be.” Silva is an independent insurance agent and he is able to offer his clients access to more than 30 top quality insurance carriers including Liberty Mutual and Travelers. He uses those carriers, along with his experience and expertise, to provide clients with their best weapon for saving money which is choice.


Silva’s focus is on building long-term relationships with his clients. By shopping insurance for his clients, he ensures that they are getting the best coverage at the lowest possible price. And, he does that every year, not just at policy inception. “Every time their policy renews, we go out to 5 or 10 different companies and shop the rates,” said Silva. “If they’re still in the best spot for them, we will keep everything as is.”

Silva hopes to build more of these long-term relationships by recently joining the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “The way I learned about the Glendale Chamber was from the Chronicle that is mailed to my house,” said Silva. “I joined the Chamber to expand my circle and build more relationships. Every event that I’ve been to I’ve liked. People are approachable and very friendly.”

Silva’s experience in the insurance industry can make an otherwise complicated menu of options, simpler to understand. “The thing I find the most often is not that they get into plans they don’t need but that they get into plans that don’t give them the protection they expect,” said Silva.

Silva focuses on protection and price, which most people know are vitally important when shopping for insurance. “My first job is to protect what’s important to you,” said Silva. “My second job is to do it at a price that works for you. The fairest price we can find.”

Silva is a Colorado native who enjoys playing tennis, running, and reading in his spare time. Silva has been married for 18 years and lives in Washington Park. For more information about The Silva Insurance Agency, visit or call John Silva at 303-332-8803.

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5280 Bars Launches With Social Media Push

Entrepreneur and Chamber Ambassador Lauren Shrensky has launched her third business since joining the Chamber over a decade ago. 5280 Bars launched last month with an aggressive online marketing campaign.

5280 Bars’ concept started 18 months ago when industrial hemp became more mainstream. Industrial hemp means a plant of the genus Cannabis and any part of the plant, whether growing or not, containing a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of no more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis.

Each 5280 Bar adds 25 milligrams of industrial hemp to Shrensky’s popular Bravo Bar recipe. “Someone came to me and asked if I could put them [hemp] in the bar,” said Shrensky. “I started to research and found there were no healthy edible alternatives. Most edibles are chocolate-based cookies and brownies or gummies. I saw a gap in the market and went for it.”

Entrepreneur: Lauren Shrensky, owner of 5280 Bars and Ambassador of the Glendale Chamber, credits the Chamber as a huge help with building three of her businesses from the ground up.

Shrensky worked with lawyers and started 5280 Nutritionals LLC ensuring the business was legal from the start. The fact that the name 5280 Bars was available was shocking to Shrensky. She wanted to emphasize this was a Colorado made product and when she found out the name was available, she jumped on it.

She knows of two other companies that have industrial hemp in nutritional bars but they are not in Colorado, more expensive, and not paleo certified. Certified Paleo is the Paleo Foundation’s most popular and highest-level certification for Paleo-compliant products. Certified Paleo products are products that contain Paleo ingredients but may have some 21st century processing or packaging methods allowing for shelf stability. “Becoming Paleo certified was huge for us,” said Shrensky. “[The] Paleo Foundation certified 5280 Bars as Paleo friendly and Paleo vegan. A huge step for us.”

What is the difference between a Bravo Bar and 5280 Bar? “The 25 milligrams of industrial hemp does change the game a bit for 5280 Bars,” said Shrensky. “It is a true nutritional supplement bar in the sense that is has some medicinal benefits to it that Bravo bars by itself doesn’t have.”

Now Available: 5280 Bars are available for purchase on their website, www.5280 Each bar contains 25 milligrams of industrial hemp which has been known to have nutritional and medicinal value.

Shrensky, a longtime Chamber member owes much of her success to the Glendale Chamber and its members. “I’ve had three businesses in the last 10 years of being a member of the Chamber and through contacts within the Chamber, I built Bravo Bars using a ton of Chamber members with help with such things as marketing, branding, and logo design,” said Shrensky. “The Chamber has been a huge help in building all three of my businesses from the ground up.”

Visit their website at to learn more or to buy a box of 5280 Bars. A box is $72 for 12 bars which is less expensive than the competition. 5280 Bars are perfect to get the day started or as a mid-afternoon snack. Find them on Facebook @5280bars.

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Staybridge Suites Maintains Strong Presence In The Heart Of The Entertainment District In Glendale

Staybridge Suites, an all-suite hotel on Virginia Avenue in Glendale, went through renovations that were completed last year. In October 2017, Jackie Linderman came on board as the General Manager and since then, has inserted an all new management team. The Director of Sales, Assistant General Manager, and Executive Housekeeping Manager are all new and together have 65 years total years hospitality experience.

These years of service have paid off as Staybridge Suites has enjoyed increasing guest scores. Their guest scores have increased drastically in overall satisfaction, cleanliness and guest service. In January 2018, Staybridge scored 94.7% out of a 100%. “We have a great team and our scores are improving,” said Linderman.

Seasoned GM: Jackie Linderman arrived at Staybridge Suites in Glendale five months ago with 18 years of experience as a general manager in the hospitality industry.

The social media score has also improved. The Social Media Scorecard is 4.5 Stars out of 5. Linderman personally replies to every guest review and guest complaint. “I have created a team that has the guest service mentality, said Linderman. “We welcome everyone as family. We are ‘Team Awesome.’”

Linderman has been a general manager of a hotel for 18 years. Each hotel she has managed has been in the Denver Metro area. One thing she likes about the Glendale property is how centrally located it is. Everything is within walking distance which is a major draw to her hotel. Linderman’s experience is paying dividends for this Glendale property. She recently won “The Best of the Best” award from IHG Corporation. IHG owns over 5,000 hotels in the world including such brands as Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

Staybridge Suites features full kitchens and expanded space which is also a draw to the hotel. In addition, the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast buffet each morning and a complimentary reception complete with dinner, beer, and wine on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This helps secure repeat business as Linderman points out that guests from the business sector, leisure, medical and government come back to the hotel multiple times.

Beautiful Property: Staybridge Suites is situated adjacent to the Cherry Creek bike path and across the street from such businesses as Target and Bed Bath and Beyond making it an attractive destination for many travelers.

Linderman also is a strong advocate for the Glendale Chamber. “I actually went in for a liquor license [Glendale City Council meeting] for the property and Jeff [Allen, COO] came over and introduced himself and welcomed me which I thought was great,” said Linderman. “First impressions mean a lot. I did go to an evening mixer and it was great. Everybody was very open. Usually when you go to a chamber event, you can tell … it sets the bar when you first go in whether someone is going to talk to you. Jeff has a great personality and everyone is very welcoming.”

Staybridge Suites wants the community to know they are here and aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they just sponsored the Annual Member Appreciation Luncheon for the Glendale Chamber. “We sponsored the luncheon because we want our name out there,” said Linderman. “I’m a seasoned GM and I want good things for the property.”

Staybridge Suites in Glendale is located at 4220 E. Virginia Ave. Call 303-321-5757 to make a reservation or visit www for more information. Chamber members should call to inquire about the special Chamber member discount.

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Idea Chíc Offers Unique Handmade Products For Every Occasion

Idea Chíc joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce in December 2017 and has jumped right in with Chamber events including the annual holiday party, Business Before Business, and the Annual Appreciation Luncheon. “I always feel like every local business should join their local chamber,” said David Sandusky, who owns Idea Chíc with his wife of 16 years Julie Sandusky. “There’s a lot of value and benefit and what you put in, you get back out. There’s so many cool small businesses here in such a small area that it’s a unique deal. That is what we are most excited about.”

Idea Chíc creates custom, chic style invitations, stationery, products and packaging for events, personal needs or business cards and stationery. Founded in 2009, Idea Chíc was born after Julie ran a successful wedding invitation design company called JS Design. The idea was to grow Idea Chíc quickly while always maintaining the quaint and European feel to their storefront. Located at the popular Workshops in Glendale, Idea Chíc has done just that.

Great Team: David and Julie Sandusky started Idea Chíc in 2009 after Julie ran a successful wedding invitation business.

With a degree in Hospitality from Metro State and a career as an event planner, Julie has an eye for detail and creativity. Her creative juices expanded beyond her custom wedding invitation business. When the company first started, David  helped fill orders at night and weekends until joining full time in 2011. A dream came true for David and Julie to work together in a creative business where they design and make everything. David and Julie certainly enjoy putting together quality handmade products.

Idea Chíc customizes and personalizes any retail products, invitations and favors for weddings, baby showers or other special events. They specialize in creating unique designs and have over 14 years of experience designing and creating products for their clients. All products are created and designed in-house. They also operate a high-quality letterpress and flat style printing along with unique sourced materials, bindery and die-cutting.

Their letterpress is named “Hazel” and was built in the 1930s by Chandler and Price. All printing, bindery and related equipment is in-house to ensure high quality, excellent service and fast delivery. The letterpress offers a unique product that many high-end customers are looking for. “Having a letterpress, Julie decided was a great opportunity to expand the creative product development process as opposed to just doing wedding invitations,” said David.

Hazel: The letterpress, located at Idea Chíc’s European style store in Glendale was built in the 1930s by Chandler and Price. Idea Chíc offers free demonstrations of the letterpress by appointment.

As an example, 200 wedding invitations made on the letterpress take about half a day to produce and start at $10 per invitation. This unique and high-quality production generates repeat customers. “We do something for someone’s wedding and then years later, we are doing something for their baby,” David added. “That’s repeat business for us.”

Also, repeat business is offered through their subscription services. Two subscriptions called Idea Chíc Parcel Post and Stationery Box Sets offer uniquely packaged items in the mail each season or month. Customers can stock up for the year and be ready with unique cards for any occasion. They offer 12 boxes with the Stationery Box Set subscription and ship monthly. The subscription costs $19 per month.

Idea Chíc is located at 4340 E. Kentucky Ave., Suite 121 in Glendale. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Call 303-884-RSVP (7787) or visit www.

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The Green Solution Comes To Glendale

The Green Solution is opening its 14th store at a coveted Glendale address, 4151 East Kentucky Avenue. CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Speidell is excited about the opportunity saying, “We’ve spent a ton of time over the past three years trying to get a location in the Glendale area. We’ve worked hard to make this happen.”

The Green Solution is a premier cannabis company founded in 2010 and Colorado based and family owned. Speidell says they are unique in that they produce 95% of the products they sell. “We offer consistency and quality from seed to sale.”

Speidell explains why he considers the Glendale location so desirable. “It’s a commerce friendly community and Glendale is known for providing a very collaborative environment for businesses. We’re right between Whole Foods and Home Depot, Speidell adds, “This will allow us to thrive because people may be headed for one store and see our store and vice versa. It’s businesses driving business to each other.”

He says customers at The Green Solution will enjoy a concierge style experience. “The customer is treated to a one on one relationship with our retail associates,” Speidell points out. “And we offer an ‘IKEA’ type of display. Unlike other cannabis stores, when you go into The Green Solution you actually see all the products, displayed in a sanitary way. It’s like going to a grocery store. You can see all the products and pick which you want.”

The Green Solution features another unique offering — Colorado’s first e-commerce platform. Speidell notes, “The Green Solution is the only online ordering system and express pickup system. You can browse online at your leisure, place the order and then go to the express pickup at the store.”

And there’s more! The Green Solution is also moving its corporate headquarters from downtown Denver to the Glendale-Cherry Creek area in the spring of 2018. It will be at the old AAA offices and Speidell says this really demonstrates their commitment to this community. He describes the 70,000-square foot facility saying it will be a campus style setting. “It will have a downtown feel without the downtown cluster and hassle.”

Speidell says The Green Solution appreciates the opportunities offered by the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “Glendale is a very supportive area for businesses and that mindset will allow us to thrive.”

For more information, you can go to The site allows you to live chat 24-7 with experienced retail associates.

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Dr. Ty Carzoli Treats Patients In Convenient Glendale Office

Dr. Ty Carzoli opened his practice in Glendale in March 2017 and one of the first orders of business was to join the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “What drew me to the Glendale Chamber, to become a member, was that everyone I talked to had very good things to say about the Chamber,” said Carzoli. “Everyone talks about how fun the Glendale Chamber is.”

Carzoli comes from a long line of doctors. There are seven medical doctors in his family and his mother is a nurse. You can say that becoming a doctor was in his blood. It was just a matter of what profession he wanted to delve into.

Carzoli, a Jacksonville, Florida, native, was attracted to emergency medicine. After studying health, human physiology, exercise physiology and nutrition at the Air Force Academy, Auburn, and finally Florida State University, he realized that most of the issues people are being treated for are things that, if given different circumstances, can be prevented or improved.

It was this realization that steered him away from emergency medicine and into a field focusing on prevention and optimizing the body’s ability to regulate itself in a healthy way. “The body doesn’t need to be helped, it just doesn’t need interference,” said Carzoli.

Carzoli is the only orthospinology chiropractor in the state of Colorado and the youngest board certified orthospinologist in the world. Orthospinology is a sub-specialty of the chiropractic profession that involves precise alignment of the upper cervical spine. This research-based technique attracts those wishing to eliminate their pain and optimize their wellness, without the inconvenience of extensive treatment schedules.

Carzoli’s practice, called Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic, is one of only three clinics in the Denver area that features precise upper cervical treatment practices. Ongoing research clearly demonstrates the profound negative effects of misalignment in this spinal region, and its tendency to disrupt nervous system function.

Although the upper cervical area is Carzoli’s specialty, he also focuses on all chiropractic issues patients may encounter. “We do still see the same spectrum of conditions that would go to any other chiropractor,” said Carzoli. “We just tend to have the best success with a lot of those conditions that are neurological in nature: migraines, vertigo or dizziness, tremors. It’s exciting to get to help those people.”

For diagnostic accuracy, Dr. Carzoli features in-house digital 3-D imaging services to pinpoint the exact source of the patient’s problem and removes all guesswork and eliminates the burden of unnecessary care. This advanced X-ray assessment is painless, noninvasive and helps to assure positive treatment outcomes.

Gentle treatment is the consistent norm in Carzoli’s office. He uses a sophisticated instrument-based technique that requires no twisting, cracking or popping of the spine. The instrument is called the Laney Torque and individuals feel a sense of relaxation during the adjustment and look forward to their visits.

Carzoli’s goal is to achieve and maintain spinal correction for each practice member with the fewest number of adjustments possible over the course of a lifetime. They achieve this long-term maintenance not by calling for a high volume of office visits, but by focusing intensely on specificity in analysis and adjustment delivery. “The best surgeon isn’t the one making the most incisions, said Carzoli.”

Although his practice takes most of his time, Carzoli does enjoy going out and meeting new people, playing volleyball, competing in power lifting, and snowboarding. He always loved coming to Colorado to snowboard over the last 15 years and decided this is where he wanted to settle down. “I wanted to move to a state where people are a little more proactive about their health,” said Carzoli. “It’s enticing that people out here invest a lot of time and energy with being healthy and taking care of themselves. These make for the best chiropractic patients.”

For a free consultation that includes no high-pressure sales tactics, call 303-955-8270. For more information, visit His office is located in Glendale at 400 S. Colorado Blvd., #430.


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Peepers Optical Welcomes New Doctor

Peepers Optical has been providing exceptional eyewear and quality eye care since 1989. They’re excited to welcome their newest doctor, Dr. Anthony Bistodeau, O.D.

Peepers Optical, located at 5075 Leetsdale in Denver, is owned by Dr. Raymond McCleery, O.D. and Jeanine McCleery. Dr. Bistodeau joins the team of professional and friendly staff with a strong commitment to providing the highest level of care for your eyes.

Dr. Bistodeau was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Montana in Missoula. He went on to graduate with honors from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2013. During his time in optometry school, Dr. Bistodeau completed several internships, including a refractive surgery center in Denver. He says, “Aside from gaining valuable experience, I fell in love with Colorado and all the area has to offer.”

He spent four years after graduation working in a full-scope primary care practice in Oregon and then jumped at the opportunity to come back to Denver. Dr. Bistodeau says he enjoys many aspects of the profession but notes, “I am extremely passionate about fitting contact lenses as well as diagnosing and managing glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.” He’s nationally certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease.

Dr. Bistodeau is an outdoor enthusiast. “I enjoy attending sporting events, running and hiking, as well as experimenting with cooking and traveling.” He adds, “I’m also looking for a recommendation for my next big trip so feel free to offer suggestions.”

Peepers Optical boasts the best collection of designer frames in the Denver area and also has a great selection of sunglasses, sports eyewear, reading glasses and accessories.

Peepers’ owner Jeanine McCleery says she loves to network with other local businesses and individuals, something offered through the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

McCleery says the staff at Peepers Optical is excited about a big event coming up in December. It’s the Tom Ford Trunk Show scheduled for Saturday, December 2 and features 30 percent off all frames.

For more information you can visit Peepers Optical at 5075 Leetsdale Drive or visit the website at

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Salvage Restaurant Opens To Rave Reviews

There is an exciting new restaurant at the iconic location of the former Summit Steakhouse in Aurora, now called Salvage Restaurant. The eatery is garnering rave reviews even if the new owners, Stephen and Hopi Mondale, admit the name and the trademark of the raven are controversial.

Stephen and Hopi bought the landmark restaurant The Summit Steakhouse on May 1 of this year. The restaurant was known throughout the metropolitan Denver area but its glory days were in the past. The couple wanted to save the very best of The Summit while modernizing the building and updating the menu. The name “Salvage” seemed to fit what they were trying to accomplish, i.e. taking the very best of an item that had come to the end of its useful life and utilizing those retained portions to create something truly new, beautiful and unique.

The raven image was chosen because it represents to them a protector, a teacher and a sign of great prosperity. Ravens are known to collect treasures for their nests including shiny objects and coins. Salvage has retained the tremendous steak entrees that The Summit was known for, while adjusting the prices. In addition, the Mondales retained The Summit’s famous escargot dish that attracted diners from across the metropolitan area. Lobster tails are still available in plenitude. Another gem that the Mondales have retained is the amazing wait staff from The Summit, many of whom have served guests for up to 37 years, including: Donna Masoni, 37 years; Tracie Johnson, 29 years; and Patty O’Neill, 27 years.

They have added less expensive items from brick chicken, pork chops, vegetarian dishes and even mac and cheese and hamburgers.

“Our new menu is what we like to call premium casual,” said Hopi Mondale, owner of Salvage Restaurant. “We are excited to have rolled out this menu to such rave reviews.”

They have instituted a “happy hour” from 3 p.m. ’til 7 p.m. where all regular drinks, wines and beers are at half price and there is even a half price hors d’oeuvres menu.

On Saturdays and Sundays an extraordinary brunch offering is available which includes bottomless mimosas and nine different types of eggs benedict. A favorite is called “The Welli” which features Beef Wellington and Crab.

The Mondales have invested their entire life savings into the restaurant, upgrading every facet of the building from the bathrooms to the state of the art heating and air-conditioning. There are separate rooms for private events able to seat guests from a couple dozen up to 100. The outdoor patio seats 40 people and with the aid of heating it’s open year-round weather permitting.

There is plenty of parking with 45 off street parking spaces. Salvage is open 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. on weekends.

Salvage Restaurant is located at 2700 S. Havana. For more information, call Salvage Restaurant at 303-751-2112 or visit the website

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Select Global Wines With Caren Goodman — The Wine Woman

Select Global Wines introduces people to boutique wines you can’t get anywhere else. Local Independent Wine Consultant Caren Goodman laughs as she says, “People call me the “wine woman.”

Goodman helps clients hold in home or on site custom wine tastings that feature small, handcrafted wines that change monthly and throughout the year. “It’s taste before you buy,” she explains.

Select Global Wines can also help you design beautiful custom labels for yourself or for gifts and that’s where Goodman specializes. She has a background in marketing and graphic design. “I love helping my clients create custom labels for special occasions or gifts. We all have people to thank and a great bottle of wine with a custom label is perfect.”

Goodman explains you can use pictures or logos and drawings, whatever you desire and she will turn it into a custom label. She describes one client who had a cute drawing his child made at school. She was able to replicate it perfectly and turn it into a custom label on a unique bottle of wine for a Mother’s Day gift. “These custom label bottles are decorations you will keep forever, long after you enjoyed the wine,” she notes.

Goodman says her business clients love the custom labels. “You can give me a spreadsheet of your business clients, I’ll help design a personalized custom label and we’ll put them on these wonderful artisan wine bottles and ship them out for you.”

Goodman says realtors and brokers love to give Select Global Wines with the customized labels as a closing gift. Clients like lawyers and accountants also take advantage of the custom label program.

Select Global Wines’ tasting program is another great way to sample unique wines. Goodman says they are a lot of fun and a great deal. “You turn your home into a tasting room. You get $200 worth of wine for $56 and can add on other bottles as well.”

Global Select Wines are made in the French tradition with only the finest grapes and no added sulfites or sugar. There are several new wines to choose from every month and Global Select Wines also has a monthly wine club.

Goodman is a member of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce and enjoys the social and networking benefits.

For more information you can call Caren Goodman at 303-484-8116 or email her at

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Attorney Dianne Sawaya — Smart, Aggressive, Compassionate

Attorney Dianne Sawaya chuckles as she pulls a cartoon out of her desk drawer. It shows the feisty little girl from The Family Circus cartoon series saying, “I don’t want to be a lady when I grow up. I want to be a lawyer.” Sawaya says she found that cartoon when she was still in college and has kept it ever since.

Born and raised in Denver, Sawaya has been practicing law for 35 years. She says, “I always wanted to fight for what’s right.” She explains she originally started in the pre-med program but quickly determined that was not her calling. Then shortly thereafter she was at the courthouse with her father for a case her father’s employee was involved with. “It was an extraordinary experience watching the justice system at play,” Sawaya recounts. “I knew from that moment that the legal field was the right path for me. I want to utilize the justice system to help those in need.”

She founded the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya in April 2005. They specialize in personal injury auto, truck and motorcycle accidents. “I wanted to leave the mill environment at the prior firm and create a boutique firm to give individual attention to our clients,” Sawaya says. “We’re not a large firm where your case is just a file and sits on a shelf. We maintain constant communication with our clients and take a team approach. We treat our clients like people and keep a picture of them on the first page of their file. We actually create relationships that continue once the case is complete.”

Sawaya says her office has great relationships with medical providers to assist clients with obtaining medical treatment. The firm is well respected by the legal and medical community. “Judges, mediators and even opposing counsels refer friends and family to our firm, “ Sawaya adds, “Doctors seek us out and send their patients to us.”

The Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya provide continuous legal and medical seminars for the entire staff. With her background in a large firm, Sawaya recognized the need for a sophisticated case management software and created customized software for her firm that allows for a consistency with the case processing and a paperless office. “Our customized software lets us have constant contact with clients and helps us to process cases in a way that maximizes the value of the case.”

All of that results in huge benefits for clients. Sawaya explains there is no obligation with the initial consultation. “We will be upfront and honest about the case from day one. “

The Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya advocates for clients outside the courtroom as well. “We give guidance with medical treatment and monitor diagnostics. Nothing is missed,” Sawaya states.

Sawaya says the firm joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce because it’s important to be involved with the community. “The networking is great and it matters to us to be active in our community and help other businesses.”

When asked why a client should choose her, Sawaya says, “Because I’m smart, aggressive and compassionate. I know the law, the judges and the system. Insurers know I don’t back down and I get you the best settlement.” Those who know her say not only is Sawaya a great lawyer, she’s a great lady, too.

For more information contact the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya at 303-974-4674 or visit their website

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