Alpine Arbor Comes to Glendale

Be on the lookout for Alpine Arbor, Denver and Glendale’s newest tree removal service.

IMG_20150807_154349072_HDRTodd Hayes, owner of Alpine Arbor, started the company in 2015 in Breckenridge after working in tree service for eight years. The Glendale and Denver area will be the company’s new home for the summer and possibly winter. Alpine Arbor is heading to Glendale because of the diverse urban canopy.

“I like the opportunity to work on a large variety of tree species. The chance to potentially work with a customer over the course of multiple years to achieve optimum health and growth of their canopy is of great interest to me. And finally, the chance to work in the tree care industry nearly year round is what I’m looking for. This is a passion, and how great is it to work in a field you’re passionate about all the time?” Hayes said.

Hayes wanted to join the Glendale Chamber because he sees an opportunity to connect with the community he hopes to work with.

“It’s a nice area, and I’d would like to be a part of keeping [Glendale] looking good,” Hayes said.

As a budding company, Hayes and Alpine Arbor focus in very hazardous and technical tree removals with outstanding customer care. Hayes’ work is mostly residential, something he enjoys.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of that work because the office is always changing, and I get to meet a lot of different people,” Hayes said.IMG_2499

Hayes also focuses on education for his company and clients. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the International Society of Arbor Culture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Every year, his company is trained by Arbor Masters to learn the newest and safest tree removal techniques. Hayes likes to give an honest estimate and educate his customers to collectively choose the best option to accomplish their goals.

“We guarantee our work. If the customer isn’t satisfied with our work, they don’t pay, although this has never been an issue,” Hayes said. “We absolutely love what we do and take as much joy in a job well done as [our clients].”

To learn more about Alpine Arbor and the work they do, visit

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