Craig Hospital Foundation Makes Difference for Spinal Cord Patients

The Craig Foundation, along with Craig Hospital are helping patients with spinal cord and brain injuries regain their highest possible level of independence and life quality with cutting-edge technology and resources.

Ranked as a top-ten nationally recognized, independent, not-for-profit hospital, Craig relies on charitable support from the Craig Foundation. The Craig Foundation exists solely to raise support for Craig, it’s programs and patients. Ken Mowad, Director of Philanthropy at the Craig Foundation, said Craig’s mission to advocate for and provide exceptional patient and family centered care, motivates him every day at work.

Ken Mowad, Craig Hospital, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce“Our patients come here because of a catastrophic injury. Even in the most challenging times, they approach their rehabilitation with bravery and enthusiasm. I enjoy hearing their stories and watching as they persevere through their recovery process. The patients are my motivation,” Mowad said.

The Craig Foundation provides more than $1.2 million of direct financial assistance to patients and their families each year through the patient assistance funds. In addition, the Craig Foundation provides nearly half a million dollars each year to support spinal cord and brain injury research.

“Donor support empowers patients and their families to return to home with confidence and the tools they need to thrive,” Mowad said.

Many of Craig’s innovative programs are not reimbursed by insurance companies and rely on donor support, including Operation TBI Freedom, the Nurse Advice Line, Music Therapy and the Craig School Program. OTF is a program of Craig Hospital that provides support for veterans and active duty military personnel with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The program offers case management services including crisis management, mental health referrals, classes, and emergency assistance for food and housing needs. In the past eight years, the program has assisted more than 1,300 service members.

Ken Mowad, Craig Hospital, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce

The award-winning Nurse Advice Line at Craig is the only phone-based care and education resource in that nation that provides free specialized healthcare information to people living with spinal cord and brain injuries, their family members and health care providers. Music therapy is the clinical use of music to facilitate recovery of motor, speech, language and cognitive function and to retrain the brain to learn important life skills. Craig integrates music therapy into its approach to stimulate neurological responses that other therapies may not reach.

For approximately 15 years, the donor-funded Craig School Program has helped high school students with their studies. While at Craig, students work closely with a credentialed teacher to earn school credit and keep up with their classmates back home. Prior to discharge, students and families work with the teacher to create a school transition plan in order to make the return to school as seamless as possible.

“As unpleasant as it is to think about, I’ve learned that any of us could sustain a spinal cord or brain injury and need professional and financial assistance. It’s rewarding to connect generous donors with the people and programs who need the help,” Mowad said.

Ken Mowad, Craig Hospital, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Mowad joined the Chamber in August 2016. He said the Chamber is a great opportunity to support area businesses, to network with new and creative people and highlight what he does with like-minded individuals.

“The Chamber has done a great job communicating events and making me feel very welcome as a new member,” Mowad said.

Mowad has enjoyed attending the Business Before Business Workshops that give members the opportunity to network before work and learn about each other’s businesses. The Business Before Business Workshops occur every third Tuesday at the Egg and I on South Holly. For more information on the Craig Foundation, visit or call 303-789- 8650.

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