Got Stress? IEM Consulting Can Help

Stress factors are everywhere in today’s society—from traffic, work stress and even stressful situations at home. Stress can not only cause mental side effects like anxiety, panic disorders and ADD/ADHD, stress can cause a number of physical side effects such as headaches, teeth grinding, strokes, heart disease, weight gain, a decrease in sex drive and many more complications.
Your body does not discriminate between a large stress and a small stress—a stress is a stress. Because many people deal with many small stresses each day, some may not notice they are suffering from stress. And an even scarier fact—stress can make smart people do stupid things, though this may not come as a surprise. Brain researchers call this “cortical inhibition,” meaning that stress inhibits a small part of the brain and prohibits people from functioning at their best, and subsequently doing stupid things. However, the best fact about stress is that people have the ability to control how they respond to stress and how stress factors affect them. The ladies at Intelligent Energy Management, IEM, help people to do just that.
Cyrina Bullard and Anissa Cordova use scientifically researched and proven techniques from HeartMath, the institute they are certified by, to teach people tools and techniques to build their resilience against stress and perform at their optimal level, regardless of the task.

“Stress is something that obviously affects your physiology, but it also affects your environment and people in your environment because people can feel the stress you carry,” Bullard said. “These tools and techniques will help bring your optimal self forward and so your interactions with people will be more fluid and harmonious.”FullSizeRender-2
With the specific breathing exercises based on empirical research and other techniques Bullard and Cordova use, individuals can have better mental clarity, higher problem solving skills and a way to self-regulate emotions. These tools and techniques can help decrease some of the secondary side effects of every day stress, including helping to mend relationships and work issues.
“Just like working out our muscles when you go to the gym, these are practices that we use to really change our pattern of thinking and the way we respond to stressful situations,” Cordova said.
Bullard and Cordova have worked with organizations and individuals alike, from lawyers to artists and medical providers. The two have very different backgrounds, giving them a larger scope to teach from. Bullard has been a pharmacist for 22 years and said she sees people as young as 15 take medications every day for stress and stress related issues.
“We need to put other tools in people’s tool boxes in order for them to be able to function with the day and also with life,” Bullard said. “I hand out handfuls of sleep medication, and that makes me nervous.”
In an age where there is a pill and quick fix for any health issue, Bullard hopes their natural and proven tools can help people manage their daily stress. Cordova has a PhD in health psychology and worked in organ donation fro 12 years before connecting with Bullard to start IEM. The two joined the chamber in February, and are hoping to make more professional connections to grow their business and help more professionals deal with stress in a healthy way. For more information on IEM or to book and consultation, visit their website at

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