The Green Solution Comes To Glendale

The Green Solution is opening its 14th store at a coveted Glendale address, 4151 East Kentucky Avenue. CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Speidell is excited about the opportunity saying, “We’ve spent a ton of time over the past three years trying to get a location in the Glendale area. We’ve worked hard to make this happen.”

The Green Solution is a premier cannabis company founded in 2010 and Colorado based and family owned. Speidell says they are unique in that they produce 95% of the products they sell. “We offer consistency and quality from seed to sale.”

Speidell explains why he considers the Glendale location so desirable. “It’s a commerce friendly community and Glendale is known for providing a very collaborative environment for businesses. We’re right between Whole Foods and Home Depot, Speidell adds, “This will allow us to thrive because people may be headed for one store and see our store and vice versa. It’s businesses driving business to each other.”

He says customers at The Green Solution will enjoy a concierge style experience. “The customer is treated to a one on one relationship with our retail associates,” Speidell points out. “And we offer an ‘IKEA’ type of display. Unlike other cannabis stores, when you go into The Green Solution you actually see all the products, displayed in a sanitary way. It’s like going to a grocery store. You can see all the products and pick which you want.”

The Green Solution features another unique offering — Colorado’s first e-commerce platform. Speidell notes, “The Green Solution is the only online ordering system and express pickup system. You can browse online at your leisure, place the order and then go to the express pickup at the store.”

And there’s more! The Green Solution is also moving its corporate headquarters from downtown Denver to the Glendale-Cherry Creek area in the spring of 2018. It will be at the old AAA offices and Speidell says this really demonstrates their commitment to this community. He describes the 70,000-square foot facility saying it will be a campus style setting. “It will have a downtown feel without the downtown cluster and hassle.”

Speidell says The Green Solution appreciates the opportunities offered by the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “Glendale is a very supportive area for businesses and that mindset will allow us to thrive.”

For more information, you can go to The site allows you to live chat 24-7 with experienced retail associates.

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