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pro pilotsProfit Pilots may just be the thing your business is missing.

The ancient proverb that two heads are better than one rings true for Jeffrey Reeves and Profit Pilots. After 50 years of his own business ventures, adventures and mishaps, Reeves realized something.

“It became apparent to me the two most important alliances a CEO or business owner could have are a trusted board of advisors and a mastermind group,” Reeves said.03ba3bb

And that’s just what Profit Pilots is—a mastermind group of fellow business owners and CEOs that act as trusted advisors in non-competitive businesses. Together, with Jeffrey, businesses learn from each other and how to SOAR— a key ingredient to the success of every business and individual group. SOAR is an acronym standing for Sharing, Operating from a position of trust, Achieving balance between work life and non-work life and Rewarding self with family and community.

Business owners in Profit Pilots SOAR together, promoting their core belief of teamwork and collaboration in a perpetual cycle of empowerment. The Profit Pilots help each other achieve goals set each month and to discuss business problems and issues that may arise. Together, they come up with uncommon solutions to common problems, supporting not only innovation, but each other. Reeves said the core values and beliefs he founded Profit Pilots on are the same as the Constitution of the United States—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“What motivates me is I wanted Profit Pilots to grow to a significant national network of small business owners and CEOs that share that appreciation for the principles that underlie our economy and our freedoms,” Reeves said.

Rack Card - SOAR
Reeves began Profit Pilots in 2014. Operating as one “Command” right now with over 250 years combined experience, Reeves has a vision to make Profit Pilots a national network. A portion of each Command’s dues goes to a charity of their choice, tying into SOAR, and rewarding the self with community. For first time business owners Reeves has “Flight Training” to help owners get their businesses off the ground and SOARing to success.

“The community that we have right now—everybody has grown so dramatically in so many different ways,” Reeves said.

Reeves joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce in the beginning of 2016 because of the close-knit atmosphere. He is also looking for a home for his business and himself, wanting to make connections, meet more people, pass ideas, make contributions and most importantly, build friendships. He hopes to eventually move his offices for Profit Pilots from Stapleton to Glendale. For more information about Profit Pilots, visit

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