Life Purpose Yoga

IMG_1317“Ohhhmmm,” Jayme Margaret hums as she begins her intimate yoga practice in her quaint studio. With a deep breath in, inhaling the aroma of the candles that line the room, and a long breath out, she “breathes in the joy of life.”

Joy and love are what Jayme’s practice is all about. She believes love releases and relaxes. In fact, her motto is “Be the love you are.”

“Yoga has captured my heart, soul and spirit’s desires,” Jayme said.

Jayme said she teaches people how to love themselves and their bodies. She has worked with alcoholics, suicidal people, athletes and even the elderly—helping people change their lives for over 30 years. Jayme works with the mind and heart in an asana yoga practice, where the breath guides the journey to inward discovery. Her delivery is unique, professional and artistic.

“Life Purpose Yoga is having faith to commit to resculpturing yourself, looking at your sacred heart and the depth of your soul, to listen to your silence.”

She uses textures and other sensory elements, such as sound and light. As every sense is awakened in her practice, she guides the meditation, painting a full color picture that illustrates a place of release and comfort.IMG_1313

“Time completely dissolved,” Jeni Gleason, a client and friend, said. “I feel like I went on a mystical journey inside myself.”

Jayme is a certified RYT 500 and therapeutic touch practitioner. Her methods include ayurvedic techniques, reflexology and hands on healing. Her practices are neuro-sculpting, “…helping people through unease in life,” Jayme said.

“I want to help people feel safe to express their emotions,” Jayme said.

Jayme moved her practice to Glendale last summer. She said she felt comfort, support and acceptance by the community and recently joined the chamber of commerce.

“I was searching for a small, intimate, comfortable space,” Jayme said. After she was shown her studio at 4340 E Kentucky Avenue, Jayme said right away she knew Glendale was the home for her practice. Jayme said she is excited to be part of the Glendale community. For more information on Jayme and her practice, visit her website at

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