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“We love our neighbors in Glendale and Cherry Creek and Hilltop,” John Platten, co-franchise owner of Lunchbox A WAXING SALON, said.

Platten and Amy Scott opened Lunchbox A WAXING SALON in late December and celebrated their grand-opening in January this year. Located right off of Colorado Boulevard at 1000 S Clorado Blvd #106, Platten said Glendale was the perfect location for their business.

“It’s just great access to so many residential areas and businesses,” Platten said.

The two joined the chamber in December and have enjoyed being a part of an active chamber of commerce. The two said they feel lucky to be in such a supportive group. Scott said at the grand opening of Lunchbox, many members of the chamber came to support their business and are now even clients.

“So many members of the chamber were there and present and supportive. We feel really lucky to be a part of that,” Scott said.

Lunchbox is a full-service, speed wax salon for men and women.

“We do it all, from tips to toes,” Scott said.

Using a soft, pine wax used only at Lunchbox locations, the ‘waxologists’, as Platten and Scott like to call them, are able to quickly and effortlessly remove unwanted hair.

“People walk into Lunchbox with hair they don’t want and minutes later they leave without it,” Scott said.

The special wax formula and estheticians, or waxologistst, is what sets the Lunchbox apart from other waxing salons. Here, speed is key and professionalism is top priority. The waxologists only focus on waxing and have an additional four weeks of wax-only training. The unique soft wax formula removes more fine hair than other formulas and has been proven to slow re-growth of hair, keeping skin smoother for longer.

There are currently only 19 Lunchbox locations in the U.S., the one here in Glendale is number 17. Scott and Platten said more locations along the Front Range are in the works, but the locations are top secret. To schedule your appointment call 303-752-2702.


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