What You Missed At The First Business Before Business Workshop

The Business Before Business Workshops kicked off on August 16. Nearly every seat was full, and Chamber members filed in for breakfast and to hear the ABCs of Business presented by Bob Liebhauser and Storm Gloor.

Liebhauser and Gloor went through each letter in the alphabet, denoting a couple of words that start with each letter, and giving only two minutes of speech time to each letter.StormGloor Dec2014 Members were then challenged to pick five words and apply them to their business.

For Johnny Shenn, AFC Urgent Care lead physician, the Business Before Business Workshop was his first day as a Chamber member. He found the presentation “extremely helpful.”

“Usually I would just do this myself sitting at home, so this kind of forces us to engage in an exercise where we draw out things about ourselves and motivate us to improve upon it,” Shen said.

Shen believes Chamber members can learn a lot from each other with varying lengths of time in business. He personally is not an owner, but as a lead physician, it is crucial for him to understand management in the healthcare world.

Bob Dec2013“There’s a couple things you definitely want to work on for the rest of your life, and there are a couple of things you want to stress for the next couple of weeks,” Shen said.

He chose the words leaderships, management, happiness, comfort zone and unique to focus on in his business. Shen said he is “definitely” looking forward to the next Business Before Business Workshop. In September, the topic will be public speaking given by Lea Marlene with Lea Marlene Actors Studio.

Here’s a few key words mentioned in the presentation:

Just Do It

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