New Member Ted Gonzalez Helps Finance More Than Homes

Ted Gonzalez, Land Home Financial Loan Officer, joined the Chamber in March 2017 after being a Glendale resident for seven years.

“It makes natural sense that I get to know and become involved with what’s going on in my back yard –literally,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a way to help spread some awareness of my service and our business, that’s located in Glendale as well. On top of that, it’s helped me to meet more key people and like-minded personalities.”

Land Home Financial is a community lender, and Glendale is a natural fit for so many of the apartment complex residents who will have interest in becoming homeowners someday. Gonzalez and Land Home Financial pride themselves on being community lenders. Their goal is to help find the best avenues of providing homeownership and doing what’s best in the client’s interests -not theirs.

Ted Gonzales, Land Home Financial, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver“Ultimately, our philosophy is not just focused on how much our company is earning, it’s about the task at hand, and what we’ve done for our clients that matters,” Gonzalez said. “We service our loans as well, so our relationship with the client doesn’t end at closing, like most lenders.  Without these practices, we wouldn’t have been in business since 1986, as we rely on word of mouth to continue our mission.”

Gonzalez said he enjoys the opportunity to help people achieve that dream of being able to buy that first property and being a part of someone’s journey who’s going after their “dream home.” Regardless of the constant changes and revolving regulations and market changes, Gonzalez truly loves his line of work and the challenges that come with it. For him, the end result is the best part.

“I love it when I get my Client’s “approved” email from our underwriter. I will never get tired of that,” Gonzalez said.

His unique level of personal service sets him apart from other lenders and loan officers.

“My attitude begins with being willing to take as much time needed for my client’s unique and particular situations. Some folks need a lot of coaching, advice and patience. While others need very little hand-holding,” Gonzalez said.

Aside from providing a full range of mortgage financing options, with optional down payment assistance programs, Land Home Financial also has a Builders Division for medium-larger scale sub-division development projects and a commercial lending department that does the full gamut from small business loans, to large scale commercial projects of different types.

“I’m very proud to represent a company with this much diversity and capability,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is exploring ways to help the community outside of loans and get involved in a charitable cause. He said he has liked the small-town feel and sense of comradery of the Glendale Chamber and has found an interesting diversity among the people and backgrounds. Since joining, he has attended a number of events including a Business Before Business Workshop and After Hours at the Bull and Bush and Cherry Creek Athletic Club.

“I’ve always managed to get into some interesting and in depth conversations with people at these gatherings,” Gonzalez said. “I’ve had some other amazing conversations with people who tend to open up and really share some insight about themselves – which I love when people do that.”


For more information, visit or email Gonzalez at

Ted Gonzales, Land Home Financial, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

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