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VC Interactive, via digital signage, provides a means to reach your targeted audience, whether visitors or internal personnel, using engaging messaging and visuals that deliver the right information at the right time and place.

VC Interactive captures the attention of viewers on any piece of glass—from tablets to video walls and everything in between.  Impressions can take an active form as one might encounter on an airport concourse, or subtly blend into the décor of a fine jewelry store. Creating a powerful, tailored solution, with versatile content and ease of use sets VC Interactive apart.

Eric Woody is one of the founding partners.Eric Woody, VC Interactive, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

“We evaluate each project, determining a primary and secondary goal and define how our comprehensive visual communications approach will provide both tangible and intangible benefits. While that sounds like sales gobbledygook, it really is a waste of time if we are simply a solution in search of a problem. Not everyone we meet is in need of our services and there is no reason to force feed it where it doesn’t belong,” Woody said.

A childhood friend introduced him to a company and told Woody of the tremendous growth in the visual communications industry. Today, the trend is to communicate visually.

“From retail displays and HD monitors, to educational tools and the web, images are replacing text,” Woody said.

Woody referenced a recent Hewlett Packard white paper that concluded people remember 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read and 80 percent of what they see and do.

“We present a concept to people that causes them to view their business approach in a different light,” Woody said. “The solutions VCi provide clients often reflect the vary influences that have impacted their own buying habits or office life. It’s fun to see the light bulb go on when they realize the subtle effect it has already played in their daily behavior. We demonstrate how that can help in their business.”

Eric Woody, VC Interactive, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

After visiting with VCi it is apparent that employing dynamic visuals is a requirement to reach an audience and generate meaningful results.

“Visual messages surround us every day,” Woody said. “We watch real and fictional stories on television.  We view advertisements in magazines and on billboards and we review charts, graphs and tables in books. We consider photographs that we want to display around our home, and design visual aides to accompany our presentations at work. VCi translates that into a strategy that can be implemented by an organization needing to reach the public or inspire its workforce.”

Woody emphasized the primary benefit of visual communication over verbal is immediacy.

Eric Woody, VC Interactive, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce Denver

He said the composition of Glendale’s current businesses and the future 180 Project are a perfect example of how informing and inspiring the public is vital. Woody joined the Chamber in April 2017 because the expansion of Glendale is bringing in more new businesses.

“We felt it was time to bring our services to the community,” Woody said.

After attending a few luncheons and happy hours, Woody said his favorite part about the Chamber so far is the people.

For more information on VC Interactive, visit their website.

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