George Miller Golf Helps Golfer Get a Groove

Twenty-two years ago, George Miller found his passion—golf.

Miller is a Professional Golfers’ Association, PGA, teaching professional. Miller got his start in Gold at the University of Colorado Boulder where he played collegiate golf for four years. After a stint in real estate and working at a vacation golf school, Miller found his passion, coaching and teaching golf.

Miller just retired last year from coaching golf at Regis Jesuit High School where he coached 5A state champions in 2014 and 2015. He was awarded the Denver Post 4A and 5A Coach of the Year in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

rj4“I love golf and I love helping people hit a better golf ball.”

Miller is now an independent golf instructor who works out of the APG Links Golf Club. He teaches private, semi-private and group lessons for players of all skill levels—something he loves about his job.

“I treat everybody equally, and I really enjoy helping anybody from a beginner to an advanced player,” Miller said. “That’s part of what I like about what I do, no two players are ever the same.”

Your lesson with George Miller Golf will be informative and nonjudgmental. Miller takes his time with each client and patiently teaches the skills you need to improve your golf game.

“I really feel like anybody [can play golf]. It’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take them,” Miller said.

Working on the basics, grip, aim and alignment, the first lesson, Miller determines what needs help the most, even if you’re an advanced player. He uses not only his expert eye, but also a video analysis. For the second lesson, posture and swing drills are the main focus.

“I get people hitting the ball quicker and easier than they ever thought possible,” Miller said.

It doesn’t take as long as you might think to improve. With Miller’s fun and attention-focused lessons he’ll make your trip to the green a quick one—something all players need to work on, speed.


A Denver native who grew up in Park Hill, Miller said he’s always loved the Cherry Creek area and joined the Chamber in 2015. Miller said he has enjoyed meeting the members and keeping up with what’s going on around the Glendale and Cherry Creek.

Miller is taking new students. For more information or to book a lesson, visit his website

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Top That Commercial Roofing Joins Chamber


As you’re walking around Glendale, be sure and look up! Top That Commercial Roofing is making sure our heads stay dry and buildings pristine.

Top That Commercial Roofing is owned by Phil Theriault, who started out as a general contractor and eventually moved over to roofing as his specialty, and with over 20 years of experience, Phil has built neighborhoods from the ground up. Phil takes pride in his company, as he should. Both he and his wife, Margie, say Top That Commercial Roofing is one of only about ten roofing companies in the state of Colorado that can do what they do.

“The majority of roofing companies in the state are a guy with a truck,” Margie said.

Top That Commercial Roofing definitely isn’t just a guy in a truck. The company has an office (a rarity for roofing companies), its own crane, its own side dumps for materials to be hauled off to, a magnet to ensure all metal and scraps are removed from construction sites and certifications galore for every product and installation.

“There’s not a roof that we haven’t done,” Phil said. “We do it all.”

Ten crews work to make sure roofs are over our heads. With their expertise, speed and bbb-logo182x274professionalism, Top That was able to finish twelve roofs on The Old Mill in just 11 days. The company also recently redid the roof on The Helix, a six story building, just days after a spring snowstorm. It’s no wonder they have an “A” rating on the Better Business Bureau.

From spray foam coatings to shingles and metal roofing, Top That Commercial roofing is your go-to roofing solution company. But, the company does more than just roofs here locally. When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Top That went out to help with disaster relief for three months. Top That is also a family organization, Phil running the construction side of things, while Margie handles Sales with their business partner.

Margie and Phil just joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce with Top That Commercial Roofing, and love how close the group is. Margie is no stranger to the Chamber. She owns Beach Club Salon and has been a member for years.

“My heart is in Glendale, I used to live in Glendale,” Margie said. “I love the chamber. I love how it’s a close nit group.”

For more information about Top That Commercial Roofing, check out their website


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New Chamber member, Angel Eyes, helps community families

9940bd5b-fdee-4541-8ed4-3614e35690c3“The mission is helping families through the process,” Dr. Eric Nelson, executive director of Angel Eyes, said. “The vision is to touch every family that we can that needs the services.”

Angel Eyes is a non-profit organization with a mission to help all families suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, miscarriages and stillbirths. Angel Eyes also provides education for the community on prevention and awareness of SIDS, such as their Safe Sleep program that teaches proper sleeping positions to families and child care facilities.

According to the CDC, nearly 24,000 babies stillborn each year in the US alone, and another ten-20 percent of known pregnancies end in a miscarriage before the 20th week, according to the Mayo Clinic. Nelson said no matter what stage in the grieving process someone is in or the amount of time passed, Angel Eyes can still help families and individuals suffering.

“We still can help you,” Nelson said. “Sometimes it takes people a year, ten, 15, 20 years to decided when they want to be able to tackle the issue.”Headshot 8x10

For Nelson, the work they do at Angel Eyes is rewarding because of the support and positive impact they are able to make on families while going through all stages of grief. Angel Eyes is one of the only counseling organizations in Coloradoto provide free SIDS counseling services to families in need.

In order to provide the necessary counseling for free, Angel Eyes hosts a few fundraisers to help raise money. In March, Angel Eyes put on the fourth annual SUDS for SIDS, a collection of Colorado craft breweries coming together to raise money for Angel Eyes. This year the event raised more than $11,000. Nelson and the Angel Eyes program hope to both support and receive support from the Glendale community and chamber, as their annual Claws for a Cause kicks off this month and again in June. This will be the 39th year for the fundraiser. Also, every August, Angel Eyes puts together a memorial walk to remember the children who passed. Last year, a quilt was made commemorating each child lost of the families that visited Angel Eyes.

Nelson encourages people to participate in the fundraisers or donate however they can.

“The more we can increase our visibility and awareness of what we do, the more people we can help,” Nelson said.

For more information on Angel Eyes, Claws for a Cause or to donate to Angel Eyes, visit their website

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Cherry Creek Athletic Club Renovates

CCAC_AllGold - Copy copy

Fitness is a lifestyle at the Cherry Creek Athletic Club, and they’re making that lifestyle bigger—with an extra 13,000 square feet.

You may have seen the construction on Cherry Street. The addition is part of a six phase ‘face lift’ for the club. When it’s all said and done, the club will have a new addition with a new track, two stories, functional floor space, a basketball court and more that will be open to the public in late June of this year. In total, the new addition will cost around $10 million and make the Cherry Creek Athletic Club nearly 145,000 square feet of fitness fun.

INK coffee and a brand new 3D Color renderinglobby center were just added, an addition the Chamber celebrated with a ribbon cutting in March.

Clayton Millice, VP of marketing for the Cherry Creek Athletic Club, said part of the reason for the new expansion is to “etch their name in the stone” as Glendale continues to grow and develop. The Cherry Creek Athletic Club wants to stay modern and up to pace with the not only the growth of Glendale, but also the growth of the fitness industry. Something Clayton is really looking forward to is the Glendale 180 project.

“I think it’ll be a great development for the city of Glendale,” Clayton said. “I think it’ll actually cause Cherry Creek North to kind of spread to Cherry Creek East.”

The CCAC has multiple studios, including a hot yoga studio, cycling studio and a state-of-the-art Pilates studio. Clayton travels the country visiting different gyms to see what is working and what the latest fitness trends are. Group exercise, he said, has become more and more popular, especially crossfit-like workouts. To accommodate these hard-core athletes, the new expansion will also include a large soundproof workout area with functional floor space.

Cherry Creek Athletic Club - dv2 8.5x11 PRCherry Creek Athletic Club - dv3 8.5x11 PR“The pushes that we are making are for the next 20 years, not the next five to ten years. I definitely see this club in the next five years being able to sustain the ever-changing landscape in the industry,” Clayton said.

Clayton said nothing is certain and as the industry changes, the club will improve. This type of thinking seems to be working for the Cherry Creek Athletic Club as well. The club was recently voted one of the top 100 health clubs by the IHRSA. It’s no wonder either with all the amenities like two pools and a massage salon.

“You have to be willing to change, and you have to be willing to be progressive. I think that’s the key to success to the health club industry,” Clayton said.

Clayton said being part of the Chamber is like being part of one big happy family.

“The best thing about Glendale is that it’s very pro-business, and they watch out for each other,” Clayton said.

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Slipstream Properties Loves Glendale

unspecified Slipstream Properties says they’re aligning their business goal along with the city’s—to make Glendale a better place to live. Anthony Loeffler, principal of Slipstream properties, said Glendale and Slipstream Properties have a collaborative relationship.

“We have had a great experience working with the city staff in Glendale,” Loeffler said. “Our goals are aligned very closely with the city’s – if it becomes a better and better place to live, our properties will continue to improve and our company will be more financially successful.”unspecified-2

Loeffler and his partners started Slipstream Properties amidst the real estate downturn around 2010. Loeffler said they saw an opportunity in the depressed market at the time and took the reigns. No task was too small or too dirty. From leasing to pest control and even some of the unit and courtyard remodeling work, they did it all. Loeffler and his partners joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce in 2010, right after they purchased their first property. The Chamber has been supportive and offers a constant stream of opportunities to work with other businesses in the area to help Slipstream Properties grow and become more successful, Loeffler said.

“Since that first year, we have been able to find great people that recognize the potential in the area and enjoy working in Glendale and Denver,” Loeffler said.

The housing market has certainly grown since the depressed state during the recession. Loeffler said the rise of both the market and the Denver-metro area as a great place to live has helped his business thrive. Additionally, he credits all of the reinvestment and amenities in the Glendale area to have driven the growth of Slipstream Properties in Glendale at an even faster pace than the rest of the metro Denver market.

unspecified-1“We see more opportunity in Glendale in the future as its proximity to Cherry Creek, condition of buildings city-wide, and development of new projects continue to drive growth,” Loeffler said.

Slipstream Properties is almost finished with its redevelopment of the Phenix at 4 Mile. Loeffler said the transformation of the neighborhood on Forest and Fairfax has been “stunning.” Slipstream Properties currently has two properties in Glendale—Phenix at Infinity Park and Phenix at 4 Mile. In Denver, the company has two more properties—Phenix at Baker and Phenix at Jefferson. Loeffler said the company is always looking for more properties in Glendale, but said that the entire market knows how great Glendale is for development and the apartment industry.logo

“The building department and public works are responsive to all our requests, unlike in some other overwhelmed municipalities that are unable to cope with the growth of the metro area,” Loeffler said.

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Panera Bread Named A Top Colorado Workplace for Third Time

panera-logo-final-greenIf you haven’t had a Mediterranean Veggie On Tomato Basil sandwich or a Roasted Turkey Fuji Apple salad from Panera Bread, you need to get one. Not only are they tasty, they’re made by some of the happiest working hands in Colorado!

The Denver Post named Panera Bread a top workplace in 2016, the third time the company has appeared on the list.

“The Colorado Panera Bread family is honored to be named a Top Workplace by The Denver Post for a third time,” said Craig Flom, President, Breads of the World, LLC, franchisee of Panera Bread in Colorado. “We are proud of our Colorado team for upholding our core values of serving our customers each day with Panera Warmth and truly making our business rise.”

This year, Panera Bread ranked #17 in the large employee category. WorkplaceDynamics, LLC collects feedback from employees on a variety of workplace topics, and the list is made from there. No popularity contest here; employees are genuinely satisfied.

“To be a Top Workplace, organizations must meet our strict standards for organizational health. And who better to ask about work life than the people who live the culture every day—the employees. Time and time again, our research has proven that what’s most important to them is a strong belief in where the organization is headed, how it’s going to get there, and the feeling that everyone is in it together,” said Doug Claffey, CEO of WorkplaceDynamics.

Panera Bread has 37 locations across Colorado, even one right here in Glendale in the City Set center. Visit for more information and to find a location.

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Alpine Arbor Comes to Glendale

Be on the lookout for Alpine Arbor, Denver and Glendale’s newest tree removal service.

IMG_20150807_154349072_HDRTodd Hayes, owner of Alpine Arbor, started the company in 2015 in Breckenridge after working in tree service for eight years. The Glendale and Denver area will be the company’s new home for the summer and possibly winter. Alpine Arbor is heading to Glendale because of the diverse urban canopy.

“I like the opportunity to work on a large variety of tree species. The chance to potentially work with a customer over the course of multiple years to achieve optimum health and growth of their canopy is of great interest to me. And finally, the chance to work in the tree care industry nearly year round is what I’m looking for. This is a passion, and how great is it to work in a field you’re passionate about all the time?” Hayes said.

Hayes wanted to join the Glendale Chamber because he sees an opportunity to connect with the community he hopes to work with.

“It’s a nice area, and I’d would like to be a part of keeping [Glendale] looking good,” Hayes said.

As a budding company, Hayes and Alpine Arbor focus in very hazardous and technical tree removals with outstanding customer care. Hayes’ work is mostly residential, something he enjoys.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of that work because the office is always changing, and I get to meet a lot of different people,” Hayes said.IMG_2499

Hayes also focuses on education for his company and clients. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the International Society of Arbor Culture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Every year, his company is trained by Arbor Masters to learn the newest and safest tree removal techniques. Hayes likes to give an honest estimate and educate his customers to collectively choose the best option to accomplish their goals.

“We guarantee our work. If the customer isn’t satisfied with our work, they don’t pay, although this has never been an issue,” Hayes said. “We absolutely love what we do and take as much joy in a job well done as [our clients].”

To learn more about Alpine Arbor and the work they do, visit

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IMG_1468 IMG_1467 IMG_1473 IMG_1476


“We love our neighbors in Glendale and Cherry Creek and Hilltop,” John Platten, co-franchise owner of Lunchbox A WAXING SALON, said.

Platten and Amy Scott opened Lunchbox A WAXING SALON in late December and celebrated their grand-opening in January this year. Located right off of Colorado Boulevard at 1000 S Clorado Blvd #106, Platten said Glendale was the perfect location for their business.

“It’s just great access to so many residential areas and businesses,” Platten said.

The two joined the chamber in December and have enjoyed being a part of an active chamber of commerce. The two said they feel lucky to be in such a supportive group. Scott said at the grand opening of Lunchbox, many members of the chamber came to support their business and are now even clients.

“So many members of the chamber were there and present and supportive. We feel really lucky to be a part of that,” Scott said.

Lunchbox is a full-service, speed wax salon for men and women.

“We do it all, from tips to toes,” Scott said.

Using a soft, pine wax used only at Lunchbox locations, the ‘waxologists’, as Platten and Scott like to call them, are able to quickly and effortlessly remove unwanted hair.

“People walk into Lunchbox with hair they don’t want and minutes later they leave without it,” Scott said.

The special wax formula and estheticians, or waxologistst, is what sets the Lunchbox apart from other waxing salons. Here, speed is key and professionalism is top priority. The waxologists only focus on waxing and have an additional four weeks of wax-only training. The unique soft wax formula removes more fine hair than other formulas and has been proven to slow re-growth of hair, keeping skin smoother for longer.

There are currently only 19 Lunchbox locations in the U.S., the one here in Glendale is number 17. Scott and Platten said more locations along the Front Range are in the works, but the locations are top secret. To schedule your appointment call 303-752-2702.


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Life Purpose Yoga

IMG_1317“Ohhhmmm,” Jayme Margaret hums as she begins her intimate yoga practice in her quaint studio. With a deep breath in, inhaling the aroma of the candles that line the room, and a long breath out, she “breathes in the joy of life.”

Joy and love are what Jayme’s practice is all about. She believes love releases and relaxes. In fact, her motto is “Be the love you are.”

“Yoga has captured my heart, soul and spirit’s desires,” Jayme said.

Jayme said she teaches people how to love themselves and their bodies. She has worked with alcoholics, suicidal people, athletes and even the elderly—helping people change their lives for over 30 years. Jayme works with the mind and heart in an asana yoga practice, where the breath guides the journey to inward discovery. Her delivery is unique, professional and artistic.

“Life Purpose Yoga is having faith to commit to resculpturing yourself, looking at your sacred heart and the depth of your soul, to listen to your silence.”

She uses textures and other sensory elements, such as sound and light. As every sense is awakened in her practice, she guides the meditation, painting a full color picture that illustrates a place of release and comfort.IMG_1313

“Time completely dissolved,” Jeni Gleason, a client and friend, said. “I feel like I went on a mystical journey inside myself.”

Jayme is a certified RYT 500 and therapeutic touch practitioner. Her methods include ayurvedic techniques, reflexology and hands on healing. Her practices are neuro-sculpting, “…helping people through unease in life,” Jayme said.

“I want to help people feel safe to express their emotions,” Jayme said.

Jayme moved her practice to Glendale last summer. She said she felt comfort, support and acceptance by the community and recently joined the chamber of commerce.

“I was searching for a small, intimate, comfortable space,” Jayme said. After she was shown her studio at 4340 E Kentucky Avenue, Jayme said right away she knew Glendale was the home for her practice. Jayme said she is excited to be part of the Glendale community. For more information on Jayme and her practice, visit her website at

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ARCpoint Labs

IMG_1482ARCpoint Labs of Denver East is a business’s solution to Drug, Alcohol, DNA & Clinical Lab Testing, Workplace Wellness Solutions and Background Screening.

ARCpoint Labs is located just across from King Soopers at 469 South Cherry Street
Suite 101 in Glendale. There are currently over 100 locations in 30 states. Using a franchise structure, ARCpoint Labs is able to locally invest in each community. Kelly Kirwan, CEO and owner of the location in Glendale, said with each location having an owner vested in every aspect of the labs from customer service, response time, cleanliness and protocol are all top-notch.

“ARCpoint stays in the forefront of new technologies and processes to help customers manage their workplace health and safety,” Kirwan said.

And Kirwan is right, ARCpoint does stay in the forefront of new technology. The lab is working on a couple of new initiatives that help doctors understand the effects of prescription medication on patients. ARCpoint labs are working with doctors in what is called Medication Monitoring. Simply put, the labs help determine what is in a patient’s system before the doctor prescribes any medication. This helps to avoid adverse reactions in patients. Another initiative the lab is working on in called Pharmocogenetics.

Pharmacogenetics is a new, cutting edge solution to determine the efficacy of drugs in patients. Labs, like ARCpoint, can use a simple DNA mouthswab test to see how well, or not, a medication works on different individuals.

“Some medications simply flow through someone’s body without any benefit. Others may have an adverse affect and others will be perfect,” Kirwan said. “The report puts the science into prescribing medication. Gone are the days a doctor will say ‘try this and call me if there are any reactions…’”

ARCpoint’s walls are filled with innovation and technology, but they are also filled with dedicated people.

“We are a strong group with many avenues of expertise,” Kirwan said. “Our lab in Glendale is like your community lab. We are friendly, clean, and understand the trials and tribulations people go through in determining paternity, health issues, drug and alcohol issues. We work with businesses and individuals to serve the public.”

Kirwan joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce when her lab first opened two years ago. Since then, she said the chamber has helped fill her lab with customers at her grand opening and Business After Hours.

“I appreciate the Glendale community and all the networking events the chamber promotes to ensure the word gets out,” Kirwan said. “This makes Glendale a great place to run a business.”

For more about ARCpoint Labs, Visit their website or call (720) 420-7939.


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