Bertrand Leads Essentrics Class Before Annual Meeting



It’s that time of year again—it’s time for our Annual Members meeting.

The event will be held at the Infinity Park Event Center, Sport Plaza on October 12, 2016. With the rugby field as the backdrop, the event will showcase the best of Glendale. But, before the networking begins, Chamber member Jenny Bertrand will teach a modified Essentrics class for members.

The Essentrics class will be like the lunchtime classes I do for employees in the workplace. We’ll work hard, but won’t get super sweaty, so everyone will be presentable for the annual meeting that immediately follows. Exercise clothes are most comfortable, but the workout can be done in slacks for anyone who didn’t have time or forgot to pack exercise clothes,” Bertrand said.jenny-bertrand-headshot

For Essentrics, you kick off the shoes as it is done with bare feet or socks. The workout exercises the full body, from fingers to toes. Bertrand said if you want to keep your shoes on, that is fine too.

“We will be having lots of fun moving! We’ll be relieving the stress of the day, stretching out tight necks and shoulders, sore backs, stiff hips and knees,” Bertrand said.

Essentrics is a no-impact workout that stretches and strengthens every muscle while working through full range of motion of the joints to rebalance the body. The movements are based on everyday activities, so everyone can do it because there are no difficult poses. Benefits include improved posture, reduction, and often elimination of aches and pains, better balance, increased energy, and weight management, to name a few. This workout will only have standing exercises and will not use weights.

Bertrand said no matter who you are or what shape you’re in, Essentrics is for you.

“This workout is for everyone. If you’ve ever said you’re too tight to stretch, this workout is for you. If you feel like you’re not in good enough shape to do a class, this workout is for you. If you’ve never done group exercise, this workout is for you. If you exercise all of the time, this workout is for you. If you have aches and pains, this workout is for you. If you sit at a desk most of the day, this workout is really for you (you’re going to love how your shoulders and neck feel).  We will have fun, and you will feel great as you head to the annual meeting,” Bertrand said.

Bertrand’s class will be held from 4-4:45 pm in the upstairs studio of the Sports Center. The locker rooms are available for members to change before heading out to the patio for Business After Hours and the Annual Members meeting from 5-7 pm. Appetizers will be provided by Old Chicago, and refreshments are sponsored by Landers Brightway Insurance.  Members will vote on the Board of Directors for 2017 before the fun begins.



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September Business Before Business Workshop

photo courtesy Confluence Denver

photo courtesy Confluence Denver

Did you miss the Business Before Business Workshop on September 20? No worries, we’ve got what you’ve missed right here.

Lea Marlene of Lea Marlene Actors Studio presented “Tools to make you comfortable when you’re uncomfortable public speaking.” And boy, did some Chamber members get uncomfortable. Members were called in front of the group to do exercises intentionally designed to make a person uncomfortable. Participants had to repeat a compliment or statement about themselves that another member said to them…while looking each other in the eyes.

While not every public presentation will make someone feel that uncomfortable, Marlene offered great advice. Her main bullet points to giving a great presentation are:

1.) Be in the moment
2.) Connect
3.) Listen
4.) Put all your attention on the other person
5.) Be grateful
6.) Be of service

The next Business Before Business Workshop will be Tuesday, October 18. Steve Roper of Roper Insurance will be discussing employee benefits, emphasizing healthcare and the effects on business if Amendment 69 passes.

Workshops start at 7:30am and run until 9 am at the Egg and I on South Holly St.

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What You Missed At The First Business Before Business Workshop

The Business Before Business Workshops kicked off on August 16. Nearly every seat was full, and Chamber members filed in for breakfast and to hear the ABCs of Business presented by Bob Liebhauser and Storm Gloor.

Liebhauser and Gloor went through each letter in the alphabet, denoting a couple of words that start with each letter, and giving only two minutes of speech time to each letter.StormGloor Dec2014 Members were then challenged to pick five words and apply them to their business.

For Johnny Shenn, AFC Urgent Care lead physician, the Business Before Business Workshop was his first day as a Chamber member. He found the presentation “extremely helpful.”

“Usually I would just do this myself sitting at home, so this kind of forces us to engage in an exercise where we draw out things about ourselves and motivate us to improve upon it,” Shen said.

Shen believes Chamber members can learn a lot from each other with varying lengths of time in business. He personally is not an owner, but as a lead physician, it is crucial for him to understand management in the healthcare world.

Bob Dec2013“There’s a couple things you definitely want to work on for the rest of your life, and there are a couple of things you want to stress for the next couple of weeks,” Shen said.

He chose the words leaderships, management, happiness, comfort zone and unique to focus on in his business. Shen said he is “definitely” looking forward to the next Business Before Business Workshop. In September, the topic will be public speaking given by Lea Marlene with Lea Marlene Actors Studio.

Here’s a few key words mentioned in the presentation:

Just Do It

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Chamber Initiates New Program- Business Before Business Workshops

gg chamber logoIf you want more out of your Greater Glendale Chamber, a new initiative headed by Bob Liebhauser, Eric Sapir and Storm Gloor is your out. It’s called Business Before Business Workshops.

On the third Thursday of each month from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. at The Egg and I on South Holly, Chamber members will have the opportunity to hear peers discuss business topics and learn more about what other’s do—and there’s a buffet breakfast.

“Our goal is for people to not only have something in their belly, but with one or two things to apply,” Liebhauser said.

For a minimal $10 fee, members have access to a business-boosting breakfast with friends. Presentations will last an hour, including questions, from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. with plenty of time to chat and network before and after.

Presenters will be current Chamber members. These friendly faces will present on topics they are experts in. The first Business Before Business will be on August 16, 2016. Liebhauser and Gloor will present “The ABC’s of Business.” There is only room for 30 people, so sign up fast on the Chamber’s website. To sign up to be a presenter, contact Sherri Liebhauser at (303) 584-4181 or at

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Help Your Business Soar with Profit Pilots

pro pilotsProfit Pilots may just be the thing your business is missing.

The ancient proverb that two heads are better than one rings true for Jeffrey Reeves and Profit Pilots. After 50 years of his own business ventures, adventures and mishaps, Reeves realized something.

“It became apparent to me the two most important alliances a CEO or business owner could have are a trusted board of advisors and a mastermind group,” Reeves said.03ba3bb

And that’s just what Profit Pilots is—a mastermind group of fellow business owners and CEOs that act as trusted advisors in non-competitive businesses. Together, with Jeffrey, businesses learn from each other and how to SOAR— a key ingredient to the success of every business and individual group. SOAR is an acronym standing for Sharing, Operating from a position of trust, Achieving balance between work life and non-work life and Rewarding self with family and community.

Business owners in Profit Pilots SOAR together, promoting their core belief of teamwork and collaboration in a perpetual cycle of empowerment. The Profit Pilots help each other achieve goals set each month and to discuss business problems and issues that may arise. Together, they come up with uncommon solutions to common problems, supporting not only innovation, but each other. Reeves said the core values and beliefs he founded Profit Pilots on are the same as the Constitution of the United States—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“What motivates me is I wanted Profit Pilots to grow to a significant national network of small business owners and CEOs that share that appreciation for the principles that underlie our economy and our freedoms,” Reeves said.

Rack Card - SOAR
Reeves began Profit Pilots in 2014. Operating as one “Command” right now with over 250 years combined experience, Reeves has a vision to make Profit Pilots a national network. A portion of each Command’s dues goes to a charity of their choice, tying into SOAR, and rewarding the self with community. For first time business owners Reeves has “Flight Training” to help owners get their businesses off the ground and SOARing to success.

“The community that we have right now—everybody has grown so dramatically in so many different ways,” Reeves said.

Reeves joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce in the beginning of 2016 because of the close-knit atmosphere. He is also looking for a home for his business and himself, wanting to make connections, meet more people, pass ideas, make contributions and most importantly, build friendships. He hopes to eventually move his offices for Profit Pilots from Stapleton to Glendale. For more information about Profit Pilots, visit

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Jodi Brown Celebrates Promotion

36cda869-5f98-4cdc-a195-40d7ca492eb7Help Chamber member, Jodi Brown, celebrate her new promotion at Transamerica Financial Advisors.

Brown was recently promoted to partner within the company, and is hosting an open-house celebration at Cool River on July, 14th from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Drinks and appetizers will accompany a short presentation on the expansion plans Transamerica has for the Colorado market. Anyone is welcome to come with a simple RSVP to Michelle Trent at or (303) 220-2521 extension 105.

Transamerica Financial Advisors helps to make financial services available to everyone. TFA Representatives are independent, enabling them to offer products from several industry-leading providers so they can recommend the appropriate product for a client’s needs.

“My goal is to help my clients create the financial stability and security they need to have a better future,” Brown said. “But ultimately, financial independence comes down to freedom of choice and the insight to decide what’s best for you.”0d539aef-655a-425f-b2f4-74e707657010

Brown specializes in helping families in their 30’s-50’s focus on reaching their goals which may include saving money, building retirement wealth, and saving for college education. She has also worked with many small to medium sized businesses to develop financial strategies that create tax savings, and employee retention such as 401ks/Defined Benefit Plans, Buy/Sell Agreements, and Key Person Insurance—a side of her practice she particularly enjoys. Her clientele base is just as diverse as her professional specializations.

“My youngest client is 22 and my oldest client is 81, and I work with people that have $100 a month to invest to people with millions to invest,” Brown said.

Brown has been a member of the Chamber for three years and appreciates the value the Chamber provides through networking events, programs, and opportunities to get involved in the community.

“At every networking event I attend, I meet wonderful people who have added value to my business and personal life,” Brown said. “I would say this is the best value I have for my marketing dollars!”

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Got Stress? IEM Consulting Can Help

Stress factors are everywhere in today’s society—from traffic, work stress and even stressful situations at home. Stress can not only cause mental side effects like anxiety, panic disorders and ADD/ADHD, stress can cause a number of physical side effects such as headaches, teeth grinding, strokes, heart disease, weight gain, a decrease in sex drive and many more complications.
Your body does not discriminate between a large stress and a small stress—a stress is a stress. Because many people deal with many small stresses each day, some may not notice they are suffering from stress. And an even scarier fact—stress can make smart people do stupid things, though this may not come as a surprise. Brain researchers call this “cortical inhibition,” meaning that stress inhibits a small part of the brain and prohibits people from functioning at their best, and subsequently doing stupid things. However, the best fact about stress is that people have the ability to control how they respond to stress and how stress factors affect them. The ladies at Intelligent Energy Management, IEM, help people to do just that.
Cyrina Bullard and Anissa Cordova use scientifically researched and proven techniques from HeartMath, the institute they are certified by, to teach people tools and techniques to build their resilience against stress and perform at their optimal level, regardless of the task.

“Stress is something that obviously affects your physiology, but it also affects your environment and people in your environment because people can feel the stress you carry,” Bullard said. “These tools and techniques will help bring your optimal self forward and so your interactions with people will be more fluid and harmonious.”FullSizeRender-2
With the specific breathing exercises based on empirical research and other techniques Bullard and Cordova use, individuals can have better mental clarity, higher problem solving skills and a way to self-regulate emotions. These tools and techniques can help decrease some of the secondary side effects of every day stress, including helping to mend relationships and work issues.
“Just like working out our muscles when you go to the gym, these are practices that we use to really change our pattern of thinking and the way we respond to stressful situations,” Cordova said.
Bullard and Cordova have worked with organizations and individuals alike, from lawyers to artists and medical providers. The two have very different backgrounds, giving them a larger scope to teach from. Bullard has been a pharmacist for 22 years and said she sees people as young as 15 take medications every day for stress and stress related issues.
“We need to put other tools in people’s tool boxes in order for them to be able to function with the day and also with life,” Bullard said. “I hand out handfuls of sleep medication, and that makes me nervous.”
In an age where there is a pill and quick fix for any health issue, Bullard hopes their natural and proven tools can help people manage their daily stress. Cordova has a PhD in health psychology and worked in organ donation fro 12 years before connecting with Bullard to start IEM. The two joined the chamber in February, and are hoping to make more professional connections to grow their business and help more professionals deal with stress in a healthy way. For more information on IEM or to book and consultation, visit their website at

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Amy Schilling joins Chamber

eb5ae9f7-7363-401a-b7dc-57fa4686465aNeeding a new home in this tight market, or trying to sell your house? Let new Chamber member, Amy Schilling, help you out.

Schilling recently joined the Chamber and began working at Park Properties Realty. Park Properties Realty is a smaller realty company, ensuring that you work with the same person from start to finish, unlike some larger real estate firms.logo

With a background in property management and her real estate license, Schilling has a keen sense of the real estate market in the area. She said she has always loved real estate, but never nurtured her urge for the business until recently. Finally finding her passion, Schilling said she loves her job.

“Helping people to feel stable in a community is what I like to do for people,” Schilling said. “My goal is to help people to feel stable.”

She helps her clients with every step of the process, and wants to be a friend to her clients, showing them that she truly cares about their path to finding the right home for them. She said she never wants her clients to settle, even in a tough market like today’s.

“I want you to find the home you love,” Schilling said.

When Schilling is meeting with buyers, she does a comprehensive evaluation of what their goals are as homeowners and what they truly want. Once absolute wants and needs are determined, Schilling keeps her clients as up to date as possible, using the Home Scouting App, which allows both Schilling and her clients to view homes for sale in real-time and 3ffcee69-6422-4da7-a036-cb017bdade10gives her a better sense of what her clients are clicking on. Schilling is not only a real estate agent, but a friend throughout the entire process.

When selling a home, she busts out all the marketing tactics necessary, from staging a home, marketing the house to other realtors, using social media and more. She’s there from the appraisal to the inspection to the final contracts to make sure her clients have a full understanding of what’s happening.

Since joining the chamber, Schilling has felt a sense of community, acceptance and fun.

“I love it. I think the people in the Chamber are just really fun. It’s super laid back, and everyone’s easy to talk to,” Schilling said.

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George Miller Golf Helps Golfer Get a Groove

Twenty-two years ago, George Miller found his passion—golf.

Miller is a Professional Golfers’ Association, PGA, teaching professional. Miller got his start in Gold at the University of Colorado Boulder where he played collegiate golf for four years. After a stint in real estate and working at a vacation golf school, Miller found his passion, coaching and teaching golf.

Miller just retired last year from coaching golf at Regis Jesuit High School where he coached 5A state champions in 2014 and 2015. He was awarded the Denver Post 4A and 5A Coach of the Year in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

rj4“I love golf and I love helping people hit a better golf ball.”

Miller is now an independent golf instructor who works out of the APG Links Golf Club. He teaches private, semi-private and group lessons for players of all skill levels—something he loves about his job.

“I treat everybody equally, and I really enjoy helping anybody from a beginner to an advanced player,” Miller said. “That’s part of what I like about what I do, no two players are ever the same.”

Your lesson with George Miller Golf will be informative and nonjudgmental. Miller takes his time with each client and patiently teaches the skills you need to improve your golf game.

“I really feel like anybody [can play golf]. It’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take them,” Miller said.

Working on the basics, grip, aim and alignment, the first lesson, Miller determines what needs help the most, even if you’re an advanced player. He uses not only his expert eye, but also a video analysis. For the second lesson, posture and swing drills are the main focus.

“I get people hitting the ball quicker and easier than they ever thought possible,” Miller said.

It doesn’t take as long as you might think to improve. With Miller’s fun and attention-focused lessons he’ll make your trip to the green a quick one—something all players need to work on, speed.


A Denver native who grew up in Park Hill, Miller said he’s always loved the Cherry Creek area and joined the Chamber in 2015. Miller said he has enjoyed meeting the members and keeping up with what’s going on around the Glendale and Cherry Creek.

Miller is taking new students. For more information or to book a lesson, visit his website

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Top That Commercial Roofing Joins Chamber


As you’re walking around Glendale, be sure and look up! Top That Commercial Roofing is making sure our heads stay dry and buildings pristine.

Top That Commercial Roofing is owned by Phil Theriault, who started out as a general contractor and eventually moved over to roofing as his specialty, and with over 20 years of experience, Phil has built neighborhoods from the ground up. Phil takes pride in his company, as he should. Both he and his wife, Margie, say Top That Commercial Roofing is one of only about ten roofing companies in the state of Colorado that can do what they do.

“The majority of roofing companies in the state are a guy with a truck,” Margie said.

Top That Commercial Roofing definitely isn’t just a guy in a truck. The company has an office (a rarity for roofing companies), its own crane, its own side dumps for materials to be hauled off to, a magnet to ensure all metal and scraps are removed from construction sites and certifications galore for every product and installation.

“There’s not a roof that we haven’t done,” Phil said. “We do it all.”

Ten crews work to make sure roofs are over our heads. With their expertise, speed and bbb-logo182x274professionalism, Top That was able to finish twelve roofs on The Old Mill in just 11 days. The company also recently redid the roof on The Helix, a six story building, just days after a spring snowstorm. It’s no wonder they have an “A” rating on the Better Business Bureau.

From spray foam coatings to shingles and metal roofing, Top That Commercial roofing is your go-to roofing solution company. But, the company does more than just roofs here locally. When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Top That went out to help with disaster relief for three months. Top That is also a family organization, Phil running the construction side of things, while Margie handles Sales with their business partner.

Margie and Phil just joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce with Top That Commercial Roofing, and love how close the group is. Margie is no stranger to the Chamber. She owns Beach Club Salon and has been a member for years.

“My heart is in Glendale, I used to live in Glendale,” Margie said. “I love the chamber. I love how it’s a close nit group.”

For more information about Top That Commercial Roofing, check out their website


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