Pie Society — A Pizza Lover’s Home Away From Home

One of Glendale’s newest eateries has been launched by a successful young entrepreneur whose story with Glendale started a decade before he was even born.

Daniel Tsirlin owns Pie Society Pizza, located at 4615 E. Mississippi, across from Glendale’s Infinity Park. Tsirlin explains his parents moved to the United States and made their home in Glendale. He loved growing up in the Glendale community and fondly remembers riding his bicycle on bike paths and through neighborhood streets.

Forty years later his parents still live in Glendale, and Tsirlin has made it his home as well. Tsirlin says the family has always loved the area and opportunities it offers. “When I saw the old pizza business there on East Mississippi was for sale, it was a no brainer for me,” Tsirlin says. “I live just two blocks away and have long enjoyed the pizza business.”

He got his start when he was 15 years old, working his first job at a pizza place and a few years later his first business start up was his own pizza restaurant. Tsirlin also worked in area real estate but is excited about returning to the pizza business with Pie Society.

The extensive menu features every kind of pizza you could imagine. “We’re a simple, no frills pizza place,” Tsirlin adds. “We serve traditional and thin crust pizza that you can purchase by the pie or the slice.” He developed his recipes through years of trial and error, tinkering with the sauces and ingredients and perfecting the pizzas over time. A lot of long hours and elbow grease went into sprucing up and remodeling the old restaurant and the results are amazing.

For Tsirlin, joining the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce was also a “no brainer.” It’s all about being involved in the community he loves and supporting the other local businesses.

Pie Society’s owner retains his love of all things two-wheeled and you can often see him riding his bike to the restaurant.

His enthusiasm for Pie Society is contagious and Tsirlin says he’s been amazed at how excited and supportive his Glendale neighbors have been of the new pizza place.

“They’re not customers when they walk through the door of Pie Society,” Tsirlin exclaims, “they’re friends.”

You can visit Pie Society in person at 4615 E. Mississippi in Glendale or check out the menu online at www.piesociety pizza.com.

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