Select Global Wines With Caren Goodman — The Wine Woman

Select Global Wines introduces people to boutique wines you can’t get anywhere else. Local Independent Wine Consultant Caren Goodman laughs as she says, “People call me the “wine woman.”

Goodman helps clients hold in home or on site custom wine tastings that feature small, handcrafted wines that change monthly and throughout the year. “It’s taste before you buy,” she explains.

Select Global Wines can also help you design beautiful custom labels for yourself or for gifts and that’s where Goodman specializes. She has a background in marketing and graphic design. “I love helping my clients create custom labels for special occasions or gifts. We all have people to thank and a great bottle of wine with a custom label is perfect.”

Goodman explains you can use pictures or logos and drawings, whatever you desire and she will turn it into a custom label. She describes one client who had a cute drawing his child made at school. She was able to replicate it perfectly and turn it into a custom label on a unique bottle of wine for a Mother’s Day gift. “These custom label bottles are decorations you will keep forever, long after you enjoyed the wine,” she notes.

Goodman says her business clients love the custom labels. “You can give me a spreadsheet of your business clients, I’ll help design a personalized custom label and we’ll put them on these wonderful artisan wine bottles and ship them out for you.”

Goodman says realtors and brokers love to give Select Global Wines with the customized labels as a closing gift. Clients like lawyers and accountants also take advantage of the custom label program.

Select Global Wines’ tasting program is another great way to sample unique wines. Goodman says they are a lot of fun and a great deal. “You turn your home into a tasting room. You get $200 worth of wine for $56 and can add on other bottles as well.”

Global Select Wines are made in the French tradition with only the finest grapes and no added sulfites or sugar. There are several new wines to choose from every month and Global Select Wines also has a monthly wine club.

Goodman is a member of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce and enjoys the social and networking benefits.

For more information you can call Caren Goodman at 303-484-8116 or email her at

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