September Business Before Business Workshop

photo courtesy Confluence Denver

photo courtesy Confluence Denver

Did you miss the Business Before Business Workshop on September 20? No worries, we’ve got what you’ve missed right here.

Lea Marlene of Lea Marlene Actors Studio presented “Tools to make you comfortable when you’re uncomfortable public speaking.” And boy, did some Chamber members get uncomfortable. Members were called in front of the group to do exercises intentionally designed to make a person uncomfortable. Participants had to repeat a compliment or statement about themselves that another member said to them…while looking each other in the eyes.

While not every public presentation will make someone feel that uncomfortable, Marlene offered great advice. Her main bullet points to giving a great presentation are:

1.) Be in the moment
2.) Connect
3.) Listen
4.) Put all your attention on the other person
5.) Be grateful
6.) Be of service

The next Business Before Business Workshop will be Tuesday, October 18. Steve Roper of Roper Insurance will be discussing employee benefits, emphasizing healthcare and the effects on business if Amendment 69 passes.

Workshops start at 7:30am and run until 9 am at the Egg and I on South Holly St.

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