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A first impression is made within the first few seconds, and with new member, Icon Suit, men, you can make your first impression unforgettable with a custom, hand-made suit.

“You go into a store, and you always compromise because someone else designed those clothes for you,” Dmitriy Metsaev, Icon Suit Owner and CEO, said. “Here, we’re changing the whole perspective of the fashion business, that you can get whatever you want, at the price you want, with the service you want, with the fabric you want, with the cut you want, with the design options you want.”

The shelves of the Cherry Creek store are sleek, modern and filled with your imagination. With over 3,000 fabrics, from conservative looks with dark blues, greys and blacks to textured and heavily patterned, customers can easily become designers. Icon Suit offers multiple cuts and can make seven billion unique suits—a guarantee you’ll never see another suit like yours. And the quality is sure to impress—all suits are hand-made and made in Italy.

“The way we approach the whole process—it’s totally different,” Metsaev said. “We are not saving money on the quality,”

The type of customization for the price Icon Suit offers is second to none, and beyond the limitless personalization, the service and experience is tailored to the customer. After thorough measurements and conversations about what the customer wants, Metsaev and the staff will help guide him through the design process, making sure the suit is exactly what he envisioned.

“I think that waiting for the suit, choosing your fabric, getting your own standard, getting your own idea on how you should look, it’s really exciting,” Metsaev said.

They offer all the regular cuts—traditional, with a mild heavy shoulder, summer cuts with thin lining, no lining or summer wool or silk, and more.

Currently, Icon Suit is just formal, but they are developing a made-to-measure jeans, ties and shoes program that should roll out in the next few months. Metsaev said the shirts in his store are simply the best for quality. Icon Suit is where craftsmanship meets technology to simplify your life and revolutionize your wardrobe.

“It’s personalization, excitement, it’s revolutionary in the industry and simplicity. You just come over and we’ll walk you through,” Metsaev said.

In about a half an hour, you can have the blueprint for your made-to-order suit, but if it takes you longer to find a perfect match, Metsaev and staff will give all the attention to detail needed to make your perfect suit a reality.

“It’s not only about suits it’s about experience as well,” Metsaev said. “Once you put it on and you feel it is hand-made, you want to show that you have a certain status and you want to show respect for the people around you.”

The Denver location in Cherry Creek opened in March as a pilot store for America. Icon Suit currently has 5 stores—three in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and now, one in Denver. Metsaev said he hopes to expand his stores in US to places like Chicago, LA, Dallas and Miami, and Denver is the perfect place to test a store concept because of the diverse population.

Metsaev and Icon Suit joined the Chamber a few months ago in hopes to meet new friends, attend events and network. Visit their location on Steele Street in Cherry Creek or shop online.

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