Top That Commercial Roofing Joins Chamber


As you’re walking around Glendale, be sure and look up! Top That Commercial Roofing is making sure our heads stay dry and buildings pristine.

Top That Commercial Roofing is owned by Phil Theriault, who started out as a general contractor and eventually moved over to roofing as his specialty, and with over 20 years of experience, Phil has built neighborhoods from the ground up. Phil takes pride in his company, as he should. Both he and his wife, Margie, say Top That Commercial Roofing is one of only about ten roofing companies in the state of Colorado that can do what they do.

“The majority of roofing companies in the state are a guy with a truck,” Margie said.

Top That Commercial Roofing definitely isn’t just a guy in a truck. The company has an office (a rarity for roofing companies), its own crane, its own side dumps for materials to be hauled off to, a magnet to ensure all metal and scraps are removed from construction sites and certifications galore for every product and installation.

“There’s not a roof that we haven’t done,” Phil said. “We do it all.”

Ten crews work to make sure roofs are over our heads. With their expertise, speed and bbb-logo182x274professionalism, Top That was able to finish twelve roofs on The Old Mill in just 11 days. The company also recently redid the roof on The Helix, a six story building, just days after a spring snowstorm. It’s no wonder they have an “A” rating on the Better Business Bureau.

From spray foam coatings to shingles and metal roofing, Top That Commercial roofing is your go-to roofing solution company. But, the company does more than just roofs here locally. When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Top That went out to help with disaster relief for three months. Top That is also a family organization, Phil running the construction side of things, while Margie handles Sales with their business partner.

Margie and Phil just joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce with Top That Commercial Roofing, and love how close the group is. Margie is no stranger to the Chamber. She owns Beach Club Salon and has been a member for years.

“My heart is in Glendale, I used to live in Glendale,” Margie said. “I love the chamber. I love how it’s a close nit group.”

For more information about Top That Commercial Roofing, check out their website


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