Venue 221 Joins Chamber

Venue 221 is Cherry Creek’s newest and hottest events venue, and it’s the Glendale Chamber’s new member.

Join Venue 221 for their grand-opening on June 20th from 11am-4pm. Cocktails and Canapés will be served.

Cindy and Thomas Wynne, a mother-son duo saw the need for a space the community could come together for corporate events, children’s theater, weddings, art showing and more in the Cherry Creek area.

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Being from Oklahoma, Cindy describes herself as someone who naturally wants to put on an apron and offer fresh, warm cookies.

“I feel like when people are in our venue, they are kind of family and we care about their happiness. We care about every moment that they’re in the building,” Cindy said.

When designing the $3 million dollar venue, they thought extensively about what they could provide so that that client wouldn’t have to hire a DJ, lighting, an extra place to stay, and more. The only thing that really needs to be provided is a caterer, but Venue 221 is host to a full catering kitchen. It’s truly an all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art venue. The bar alone is incredibly unique.

Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

“No one had ever really done it the way we were doing it, but everyone said it was possible, but we were the ones that really did it,” Thomas said.

The bar is the first thing that catches your eye in. It’s sleek and modern with unique lights hanging above. It gives off an elegance of its own kind. It has custom evo lighting that can match any color the customer wants. What’s even cooler is the same color can be blasted outside on the evo square lights that make up the façade of the building.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there sits a Utica Town Square, that inspired much of the look of Venue 221.

“It was all mid-century, and my family would go there on very special occasions,” Cindy said.

Photo Credit: From the Hip Photo

Michael Knorr, the architect, went to school in Oklahoma and was familiar with the shopping center Cindy was so inspired by. Everything from the walnut wood coverings down to the pattern of the stones on the fireplace is thought out and resemble mid-century design with modern elegance, but it’s not over stated.

“We spent a lot of time making it unique, interesting, singular, but also enough of a blank space that people can really bring their own ideas to it,” Thomas said. “It’s a lot of fun seeing someone else bring their vision in. It’s the kind of joy I would imagine a canvass maker feels.”

The original building was built during the same time The Cherry Cricket was. When the Wynnes bought the venue, they promised the former owners to keep as much of the building intact as they could.

Photo Credit: From the Hip Photo

“Cherry Creek is really changing and it feels good to have something that’s original. It’s from the 50s that we’ve kind of refurbished and rebuilt and not destroyed and remade,” Thomas said.

Venue 221 joined the Chamber in May 2017. Cindy and Thomas said they are looking forward to conversations and branching out of the Cherry Creek North area. For more information, visit their website.

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