Want To Lead? Find A Career You Love? Adrienne Partridge Helps Members Do Just That

New member Adrienne Partridge is helping business owners and professionals become authentic and true leaders through her leadership coaching.

“Authentic leaders know who they are and what they believe and value, act on these values and beliefs while transparently interacting with others, are true to themselves in their decisions, words, and actions, and do not try to be someone they are not,” Partridge said.

She creates extremely individualized programs for each one of her clients based on Authentic Leadership development. The programs Partridge creates and implements reflect her research background and extensive knowledge of best practices in the field.

Partridge started as an educational therapist, where she studied the Kolbe A™ Index, which is predominately used with adults working in organizations. This assessment examines an area of the mind called the conative mode, which is an individual’s natural and innate strengths and talents that are separate from personality and cognitive abilities. She then received a grant to use the assessment with at-risk youth.

“This is when I became completely fascinated with developing professionals and organizations,” Partridge said.

Instead of telling her clients what she thinks they should do, Partridge acts as a partner and guide to empower each of her clients to come up with their own reflections, revelations, ideas, and to make their own decisions.

“I am not the expert on my client’s inner workings, they are,” Partridge said, “I help my clients be more innovative as leaders by encouraging and guiding them to live and lead from a place of authenticity and freedom instead of living by the confines of the status quo.”

Partridge does both career and leadership coaching. She works with both men and women who are unhappy in their jobs and want to find a job they love. With her leadership coaching she focuses on working with high-potential women either identified by the companies in which they work or women who contact her directly because they want to be more visible leaders and continue to advance within their organizations.

“The reason I focus on leadership development with women specifically is that there are quite profound differences between what challenges women and men face in their leadership development journeys,” Partridge said. “From my own research and experience, I have developed a leadership development program that is specifically geared for high-potential women that works.”

For her doctoral dissertation research, Partridge examined educated women’s experiences of leaving the workforce and returning to work after a period of stay-at-home motherhood.

“I have a deep passion for working with mothers looking to go back to work,” Partridge said.

She joined the Chamber in May after becoming a member of the Glendale Girls Club to broaden her professional network, have fun and support other members. She hopes to gain meaningful and genuine professional connections and new friends.

After attending a few GCC gatherings, she is looking forward to attending a Chamber event soon. For more information on her career or leadership coaching, visit Partridge’s website at http://adriennepartridge.com/.

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