Welcome New Member Bryn Carter

It’s a seller’s market in Denver right now, and Bryn Carter, new Chamber member and RE/MAX real estate agent, can help you sell or purchase your next home.

“There are many real estate agents in Colorado, we all know this is a happening market,” Carter said. “I’m a very involved agent from the day I start working with a client.”

When she helps a buyer, Carter will bring in ideas for cosmetic changes for the house or help them lay out plans for the garden so they can truly envision themselves in the home. With sellers, she makes the process as smooth and worry-free as possible—even sending them on fun activities when their house is being shown.

Carter has been a freelance writer and just last year pursued her realtors license. Using her writing background, she can help her clients market their product even more.

“I like to think that I have worked for so many different clients that I am able to use different voices for each of my clients. From music, fashion, real estate, marketing, advertising and ghost writing, I offer my clients a variety of ways to help them with their products,” Carter said.

RE/MAX Professionals is a real estate family that works incredibly hard for its clients but also for its real estate agents. Carter said they believe in a work hard but also live hard belief, knowing that part of the reason realtors get into the business is so that they can enjoy their family and friends while pursuing a fulfilling career.

“I’m not sure every real estate agency can find that good balance,” Carter said. “RE/MAX Professionals is like one, big, supportive family. From the managing brokers to the office managers to the owners of the company, you will always find people willing to help you in any way they can.”

Carter joined the Chamber in early May 2017 after meeting with Jeff Allen and Cheri Landin. While she hasn’t been to any events yet, she’s looking forward to growing relationships with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

“I am excited to be part of such an amazing Chamber of wonderful individuals,” Carter said. “I’m looking forward to meeting other members and enjoying events and helping make Glendale even greater than it already is.”

If you are thinking it is time to get into the Denver real estate market, give Carter a call at (303) 815-8272 or email at bryn.carter@remax.net.

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