Welcome New Member Kevin Reilly with AXA Advisors:

Kevin Reilly has been in the financial world most of his life. In fact, as a child he would collect pennies in a milk jar and count them every week.

“I think that was an indicator,” Reilly said.

Once he arrived in New York City to attend Columbia University, he knew he wanted to be in the financial field.

“The immediate exposure to the financial markets was incredible,” Reilly said.

Now in Denver at AXA Advisors, Reilly is a full-service, one-stop shop financial consultant. He can handle anything from life insurance, estate planning, wealth management, retirement income strategies and real estate.

“I can do everything other than lend money,” Reilly said. “AXA Advisors is an open architecture firm (meaning) we can utilize other companies’ products. That allows us to find the absolute best solution for our clients.”

Reilly builds and protects wealth for all his clients, relieving the pressure of them doing it on their own.

“Taking this off their day-to-day agenda allows my clients to focus on their families and their own professional careers while knowing someone is looking out for their long term financial future,” Reilly said.

Reilly is truly looking out for his clients, and is in the business to help people because it’s what he loves.

“I love helping people,” Reilly said. “I love solving problems and pain points for individuals and families regarding their financial house. I am able to assist people and businesses solve problems that on their own many times are not achievable. This gives my clients a level of satisfaction and thankfulness that in turn allows me to love what I do for them.”

Kevin Reilly, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Glendale Colorado, Chamber of Commerce, AXA AdvisorsReilly joined the Chamber in December 2016 and attended the Christmas party. Living in the neighborhood, he wanted to meet and mingle with like-minded professionals. He said he appreciates the immediate friendliness and communication of the Chamber in such a short amount of time with newsletters and events.

“I want to thank the Chamber for a warm reception, and I hope to meet as many people as I can in this 2017,” Reilly said. “I am building my business at AXA Advisors and am here to help anyone in their financial needs such as life insurance, estate planning, wealth management, retirement income strategies and real estate. We have creative ways to assist people and business that just aren’t available in the pure retail channel. There are advantages to using a financial consultant. Perhaps I can help you in 2017.”

Reilly has some financial advice for 2017.

“Stay the course. Use a financial adviser. Great things to come! Live within your means. But by all measures protect what you have,” Reilly said.

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